Mont Rose Angel 2019

MRC Angel Business Competition (2019/20)

This year`s competition will be divided into 2 stages

1st Stage – MRC Exhibition

MRC Exhibition is open to all the MRC students who are already running a business and or have a business idea. The exhibition will take place on the 12th and 13th June 2019 at Montrose House, Gants Hill Campus. Students will have to register to participate. On the exhibition day participants can merchandise their products and services and or promote their business ideas. On the exhibition day judges will select finalists who will automatically qualify for the 2nd stage of MRC Angel Business Competition 2019/20.

2nd Stage – MRC Angel Final Competition

MRC Business Competition Finalist 2019/20 will work with industry and academic mentors who will prepare and groom them for the Final Business Competition, which will take place in February 2020 at Montrose, House Gants Hill Campus. External business and industry experts will facilitate various business-oriented workshops which will develop and enhance finalist`s business skills and knowledge. On the day of the MRC Business Competition 2019/20 special selected Judges will crown the winner.

The Judges

Our judges are made up of a panel of academic staff and entrepreneurs, business development experts, and government officials from within and outside the college.

The judging criteria will consider the following:

  • The viability of the business or business idea.
  • Business strategizing
  • The operational factors.
  • Market and competition analysis.
  • The projected financials.

    Email your application to

    • Individual application.
    • Team Application (maximum of 4 members).

    • £500 cash
    • Serviced Office for 6 months based in Mont Rose House.
    • Continuous mentoring

    01 March to 29 May Call for Exhibitors
    30 May Closing date for the call exhibitors
    13 and 14th June MRC Exhibition at Montrose College Gants Hill Campus.
    21st June Announcing of the semi-finalists
    3 October 2019 Meet the Mentors and Angels (mentoring begins and regular meeting will occur between the semi-finalist and the mentors)
    15 October 2019 Workshop- How to market your business
    End of 7 November 2019 Workshop-(A)Digitalisation (B)Business plan formulation
    28 January 2020 Workshop-Book-keeping/Accounts
    22 February 2020 Workshop- (A) Awareness of Business Law (B) Business etiquette
    Submission of Business plan
    11 March 2020 MRC Angel Business Competition Day
    March to August 2020 Continuous mentoring for the winner

    For more details, contact Tsitsi Marima at:
    Tel: 0208 566 5009