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Mont Rose College’s Participation in Ilford Green Action Day: Supporting Businesses and Community

Introduction: On 16th August 2023, Mont Rose College actively participated in Ilford’s Green Action Day, a community-driven initiative to promote environmental awareness and foster a cleaner, greener urban environment. The college’s involvement primarily centred around supporting local businesses and community organisations in Ilford, focusing on the VHP Hindu Centre and Vine Court Church. Through collaborative efforts, volunteers from Mont Rose College and various other entities undertook gardening and litter-picking activities, contributing to the overall improvement of the local surroundings. Participants: Approximately seven dedicated volunteers from Mont Rose College were joined by participants from various organisations, including HSBC, Barclays Bank, Exchange ... Read more

Top Rated Bonfire Events in London THIS Weekend!

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5th November marks Guy Fawkes night and this week we are making sure all our MRC family students know where to go to enjoy the best views this weekend Bonfire Events in London. 1. Ally Pally Fireworks Festival One of London’s most loved Bonfire Events in London is set against the iconic panoramic views of London, Ally Pally’s Fireworks Festival promises a night of fireworks, dancing, drinks, and spectacles! Please note that tickets for the event should be pre-booked. Ally Pally’s Fireworks Festival takes place from 4pm on 5th November 2022. 2. Battersea Park Fireworks This weekend, South London’s biggest fireworks ... Read more

Mary Seacole – A Traveller, Author, Business Woman Mary Seacole – A Hero

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Arguably the first nurse practitioner, Mary Seacole is a Jamaican woman who travelled and tended to the wounded. Seacole’s father was a Scottish soldier stationed in Jamaica. Her mother was a Creole “doctress” – a user of herbal remedies. Seacole’s exact age was unknown, but she wrote in her book “I do not mind confessing that the century and myself were both young together”. She was keen on travel – taking trips to Panama, England, Bahamas, Haiti and Cuba and spending time healing officers in the Crimean war – earning her the nickname ‘Mother Seacole’. Seacole headed to Panama to ... Read more

The Great Big Green Week

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The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest-ever celebration of community action to help tackle the issue of climate change and protect the environment in partnership with the MCF (Muslim Charites Forum), Manchester United Foundation, RSPB, WWF, Fairtrade Foundation, Islamic Relief, National Trust and inspiring women charity. Action Day Mont Rose College is proud to announce that we have partnered with Ilford in Green and BID to organise an Action day on Wednesday 28th September 2022 from 11:00am-13:00pm in Ilford Exchange. Last year Ilford green partnered with Redbridge council, Exchange Ilford, Metro Bank and Costa Coffee to deliver a ... Read more

The Return of Macmillan Coffee Morning at Mont Rose College

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On the morning of 10th October 2022, Mont Rose College participated in the World Biggest Coffee Morning for the 2nd annual year! Mont Rose College Student’s Union successfully ran two parallel events in their Mont Rose House and Shakespeare House campuses Macmillan Coffee Morning. The aim of the events was to raise money for the Macmillan’s respectable mission and play our part in donating to charity. The event was attended by staff and students. Similar to last year, the event featured homemade and store-bought sweet treats and baked goods. Tea and coffee was also readily available – all for a ... Read more

Going Green On A Budget

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On 2nd of October, 7 of our students participated in BID’s action as part of their Great Big Green Week. Sticking with the theme of Going Green On A Budget, this post highlights affordable and practical ways in which anyone can go green! Firstly, supporting local food producers and farmers helps as it is beneficial for various reasons: Puts money back into the local community Helps you eat cleaner as you know where your food is coming from Lessens the needs for airfreight of food – meaning less energy on transport and storage of food that has to travel long ... Read more

Best Kept Mont Rose College Employability Secrets!!

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We spend a lot of time talking about how exceptional we think our services are, because, well, they are. We’re proud to have dedicated employability teams to ensure MRC students gain the best route into progression after completing their studies with us Mont Rose College . This week, we’re spilling the beans on services we provide to put you in the perfect position to succeed that you may not know of (but don’t worry, if you’re reading this, you can still take advantage of these services!). 1.Tailored support and 1-1s Our employability department will sit down with individuals and discuss ... Read more

Mont Rose College Participates in Ilford’s Great Big Green Week!

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On 28th September 2022, Mont Rose College students were invited to take part in Ilford BID’s days of climate change activities. The day included litter picking, gardening, well-being and sharing of the best practices. 7 students attended alongside the Student Services Manager and Mont Rose College Principal. Participants first gathered in  Ilford  Exchange for a briefing and photo opportunity followed by litter picking and a gardening activity, supervised by professional gardeners. A session about climate change and the steps to tackle climate change took place as well. The event was concluded by a debriefing and a final group photo. Mont ... Read more

Suicide Prevention Month

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September is Suicide Prevention Month and Suicide Prevention Day is 10th September 2022 every year. It was created as a worldwide commitment to raise awareness and commit to action to prevent suicide in 2003. Recent WHO (World Health Organisation) releases state that “given the sensitivity of suicide – and the illegality of suicidal behavior in some countries – it is likely that under-reporting and misclassification are greater problems for Suicide Prevention Month than for most other causes of death”. This week, in case any of our MRC family are feeling low, we are reaching out with suggestions that may help ... Read more

Summer’s Not Over! Upcoming Summer Events Near YOU!

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As the end of August looms nearer, it can easily feel like summer is also coming to an end, especially for students starting a new academic year. However, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that summer Events Near YOU does not officially end for over a month. Here are some things you can do to make the most of the next few weeks before September comes around and MRC students bury themselves in books again! Sunday Morning Tudor House Visits! The National Trusts provide the perfect opportunity to explore one of Hackney’s oldest residences. Sutton House ... Read more