Mont Rose College is perfectly located for your studies

It is not a secret that East London is surely a great place to build the life you want to lead perfectly located for your studies. Whether you were born and raised an East Londoner or are just now getting to grips with this vibrant and energizing part of the capital, here is why we think Mont Rose College is the perfect location for you to experience the city whilst studying in a rising East London College.

Prime location to experience a multicultural community.

Firstly, the fellowship that you feel in East London in particular cannot be found anywhere else! East London is a unique mix of bodies from all over the world – living in harmony and creating a most beautiful melting pot of different cultures, languages and identities.

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

You will never get bored here! With a limitless amount of entertainment at your fingertips, there is surely something for everybody to enjoy! From board game cafes and cultural museums and state-of-the-art galleries to markets, you can get lost in for hours on end. All you need is time and a body to go out and have fun!

Delicious food and drink.

If you are a foodie, East London is for you! From traditional British cuisine in Hoxton and Whitechapel to quirky cocktail bars in Bethnal Green, there are plenty of options to eat and drink to your heart’s content!

Easy Access to the Rest of London.

You are not just limited to East London either. Efficient and affordable public transport links to the rest of the city make East London a convenient place to study. From our campuses, you are a 20-minute tube ride away from Central London!perfectly located for your studies.

At Mont Rose College, you will become an alumnus of one of the best colleges in East London and have access to first-class teaching of engaging and relevant modules. Enroll today for the best chance to experience East London in its entirety!