MRC Welfare and Employability Team

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Mr Milan Patel

Student Welfare coordinator

My role as a Welfare Co-Ordinator is to provide information on all the means of support available to students, which include: Referring a Student to Pastoral Services, referring a Student to Mont Rose College Services, Needs Assessment Centre, Sources of Financial and Hardship support, Action Plan, An Individual Medical Summary Support Plan, Complaints, Laptop Loans and Academic/Mentor allocation in partnership with Programme Leaders.

You can contact me by emailing at or by calling on 02085565009 extension 1022.

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Ms Valentina Loredana Plugaru

Employment Coordinator

BA (Hons) in International Hospitality Management

Having started as a student with Mont Rose College in 2016, I became the top choice for the role of Employability Coordinator by volunteering in as many college-organised activities and events as I could. Volunteering has enabled me to showcase my skills and experience, therefore, my advice to all students is as follows – ‘Use every opportunity you can to show what you can do and who you are as an individual, even if it doesn’t result in financial gain at that moment in time. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things.’ And if you need our support, please get in touch.

The Employability and Careers hub provides support and guidance to all MRC students looking to progress in their chosen careers. The services we offer are varied, and are delivered in both group settings, and as tailored one-to-one sessions. To contact us, please email , or call us on 02085565009 ext. 1025