Where To Pay Tribute To The Queen

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Mourners across the world are grieving the longitudinal loss of HM Tribute To The Queen Queen Elizabeth II.

Tributes continue to arrive from every corner of the globe, but London, where the Queen spent much of her life, remains the centerpiece for all commemorations.

The cabinet office said:

“We recognize that many people will travel to Buckingham Palace and other Royal Residences as a mark of their respect.”  They advise people to plan ahead to ensure safety and avoid disappointment due to busy crowds.

The UK is in an official mourning period until 7 days after the funeral, taking place on 19th September 2022 at 11am at Westminster Abbey – where the Queen was married and crowned.

There will be a 2-minute silence observed at 12pm on the day and the funeral will be televised.

Mourners have left floral tributes at Buckingham Palace, though these are being removed and placed at Green Park every 12 hours. Members of the public can also leave flowers at Windsor Castle – a long-time royal residence. Tributes here are brought inside every evening and placed on the Castle Chapter grass.

The royal family has added a book of condolences on their website. Similarly, Tribute To The Queen as admirers of HM The Queen’s dedicated and memorable reign, Mont Rose College is opening a book of condolences to celebrate and remember Britain’s longest-reigning Monarch. Mont Rose College will also be observing the bank holiday on 19th September, so that staff and students can watch the funeral should they wish and grieve the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.

We will continue to remember and honour HM Queen Elizabeth II as a dedicated and significant monarch.