Why You Must Get a Postgraduate Degree?

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The number of postgraduate degree have continued to rise in the UK. Fuller, G. (2021) states that ‘There are almost 600,000 postgraduate students in the UK, postgraduate numbers are higher than they were at the same time last year, a sign that the trend of remaining in education is set to continue’. The need to get a postgraduate qualification is becoming more and more of a necessity to students. These can be many factors such as career security, increase in job salary or being able to fulfil a personal achievement. 

What are the most Popular Postgraduate Degrees?

The most popular postgraduate in the UK are the following: Business, HR, Finance, Health, Education, Legal, Social and Welfare. However according to recent statistics, Business, HR and Finance are the most popular subjects with 13.9% of students studying these courses are able to find work after graduating in this area.

Advantages of Studying a Postgraduate Degree?

There are also many different advantages in studying a postgraduate degrees such as:

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities
  • Higher employability
  • You learn specialised skills and knowledge in your chosen area of study
  • Help with personal development

However they are drawbacks such as:

  • Financially, studying a postgraduate degree can be expensive, however this is dependent on the institutions you decide to study at.
  • Time –consuming
  • Mentally demanding

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Overall this is the perfect time to enhance your skills and knowledge by studying a postgraduate degree. It is very challenging but the reward is worthwhile.  Studying a Master’s in any business related course is extremely beneficial. Contact us on 0208-556-5009 or alternatively email at admissions@mrcollege.ac.uk to find out more about our courses and enroll just in time for our January 2023 intake.


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