How you could become an accountancy teacher training college

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At Mont Rose College, we take pride in helping to educate the next generation of accountants, and with the right qualifications and experience under your belt, soon you also could. Accountancy is taught at both further education and higher education level. If you have a passion for the subject, you could also prove adept at infusing other people with this passion. If being able to do this would excite you, taking a succession of teacher training courses can get you there.

Teacher Training college, Take further, and then higher, steps

Let’s assume that right now, you don’t have any accountancy qualifications, which could easily be the case if you are just about to leave school or have only an interest, rather than a job in accountancy. In your situation, taking further education qualifications that will let you access a degree course in accountancy would be wise.

Teacher Training college at our college in Ilford, we offer a BSc Hons Accounting and Finance degree course in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University. This course, which is studied full time over three years, would be ideal for your needs; however, it is crucial to take account of the entry requirements, which usually include passes in a minimum of 5 GCSE/GCE subjects, two of which would be Advanced Level or equivalent. Nonetheless, we may admit mature students without these qualifications, but with suitable experience.

A fork in the path appears – which direction will you take?

Teacher Training college – Especially given the convenient location of our college near London, a city that is home to a wealth of culture and attractions, we hope that your three years spent as a Mont Rose College degree student give you some of the best times of your life! And you won’t necessarily have to leave us after completing the BSc Hons Accounting and Finance course, as your degree could get you onto our Diploma in Education and Training (QCF) course.

This course means a further year of full-time study, and once you’ve picked up the diploma, you will have the complete, recognized teaching qualification for teaching accounting at further education level. That would involve preparing accounting students for higher education, which is an exciting way to get an insight into the future minds of the accounting industry. Whether you opt for further or higher education, we wish you lots of luck.