Mont Rose College is committed to providing the finest teaching to students who want to follow courses approved by UK awarding bodies. This proven route enables students to gain certificates and diplomas that are internationally recognised.

Our Vision and Code

We encourage self-motivated reasoning, plus independent and creative thinking to engage students in acquiring the vital ability to “learn how to learn”.

Interaction in class is essential to gain and test knowledge. Our lecturers also bring real-life experiences to the subject. Learning this way helps students towards original thought and self-realisation.

Mont Rose College

The institutional and intellectual culture in Mont Rose College guides staff and students to act in unison, to live out the ideals summed up in our name: Mont Rose.

The word “Mont”, being philologically linked to “mountain” via Latin and then old French, suggests a combination of height and might, while “Rose” represents beautiful and delicate ideals.

Self-actualisation through striving for higher ideals


Truth and loyalty.


Peace and sincerity.


Harmony and Balance.


Spreading in a very organised and beautiful way (representing mountains).


England – British legacy part of educational heritage.




Mark of the seventh son; Hope and joy (FAITH).

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