We have also arranged events to raise awareness and support for critical matters, such as our Macmillan Coffee Morning and our Charity Walk with Headway. We aspired to involve our students, staff and locals to come together as one and invoke conversations to gain knowledge around the matters. Giving back to communities and organisations is the least we can do every year and every chance we get. You can find out how our dentations and efforts have created a positive impact both in communities and the organisations we support!

Macmillan Coffee and Cake Morning

On 6th October 2017 we hosted a Coffee and Cake fund-raising event for Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Organization. Mont Rose College has been supporting Macmillan for four years now, and each time we are aiming at putting the bar even higher and raise more than the year before. We must admit – we have so far been successful.

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Charity Walk with Headway 

Mont Rose College of Management & Sciences and Headway the brain injury association, a UK National wide Charity, held their first ever charity walk. Mont Rose College prides its self in having great students who always support great causes such as Headway. There were over 160 students who participated in this mile long venture to show their support for the great work Headway do. Mont Rose College students gathered at Shakespeare House which is where the walk began. Students firstly walked from Shakespeare House (267 Cranbrook Road) to the second campus, Churchill House (287-289 Cranbrook Road). From Churchill House students then walked to the brand new campus, Mont Rose House (412-416 Eastern Avenue). Once students completed the mile long walk they were greeted with refreshments and food as a thank you from Mont Rose College for showing their support to Headway.

The charity walk was a huge success and the students were able to raise an astonishing £552.85! As Mont Rose College are always in favour of supporting great organisations they will be matching the donations raised by students and so in total on behalf of everyone from Mont Rose College we will be donating over £1100.00 to Headway-brain injury association!