MRC Angel Competition 2024

Deadline for applications has been extended to this FRIDAY 16TH FEBRUARY

About The Angel Competition

The Angel Competition was launched in 2017 at our first campus, Shakespeare House. We had a passion for empowering and supporting student entrepreneurs in their quest to kickstart their businesses and elevate existing businesses to get the recognition they deserve. Our founder and principal are firm believers in acknowledging the accomplishments of our student participants, celebrating each milestone they achieve as they pursue their dreams. Through this program, we cultivate the potential within students, equipping them with the skills necessary to make a meaningful impact in the world of entrepreneurship. We take great pride in having successfully hosted this event for the past five years, providing a platform for exceptional students who have since flourished in their business ventures. Witnessing Mont Rose College students evolve into the next generation of inspiring business leaders is a source of immense satisfaction for us.


  • Angel Completion is a unique opportunity for students to change their lives for BETTER!
  • A platform that develops, enhances and support student’s entrepreneurial skills
  • Students get to be supported through mentoring during and after the competition.
  • Develop professional network and enhance skills through various training workshops
  • The competition provides an opportunity to inspire and showcase the students talents and capabilities.
  • Start or launch your business

1st Stage

  • Application submission
  • A Business plan submission - a template will be provided (this can be a rough example of your idea)
  • A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Applicants will be shortlisted to move forward to the next stage - Finalist
  • Deadline for submission is 29th February 2024

2nd Stage

The selected finalists will receive 2 months continued mentoring support from Business Marketing staff, which will include:

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Book-Keeping and Accounts
  • Business Law and Etiquette

These workshops will assist the students in developing and bringing their business idea to life, this will include producing information on their finances, location, product/service, marketing strategy etc.  Your idea doesn’t have to be polished but should be very clear on what the aim (service/product) is. Creating visual imagery or product can give an essence of what the idea represents.

They will be given an opportunity to go through a practice run of their presentation before the employability team, who will give feedback in preparation for the competition day.

Competition Day

Finalists will be required to arrive early on the day to prepare their exhibition table and presentation material.

The Judges alongside the student body will visit each exhibit and ask questions and comment.

The finalist will then be given 10-15 minutes to present their business to the panel of judges and audience.

The panel of judges will be given an opportunity after each presentation to ask any further questions and information.

The panel will then score each student out of 5.


The panel will be scoring against a specific criteria with pre-set questions, this criteria will encompass all that the student would have learned in the workshops and prepared for the competition.

The judges will score between 1 – 5, 1 is very poor and 5 is very good.


The viability of the business or business ideas/business objectives
Business strategy
Operational functions
Market and competition analysis
Presentation of ideas
The projected financials/costing and pricing

Once the finalists have presented, the judges will go to a separate room to discuss their scores, how the students met the criteria within their overall presentation.

Once a decision has been made the winner of MRC Angel Competition 2023-2024 will be announced. The award presentation to the winner

The finalist will then have a private gathering after the event with the panel and special guests.

  • Entering the Competition

    To enter or to find out more, please email

    We accept both individual and team applications (up to groups of four).


    • £500 cash
    • Serviced Office for 6 months based in Shakespeare House.
    • Continuous mentoring

    The Angel Competition is designed to boost your career journey and propel your business concepts into action. It’s an ideal opportunity for students who are nurturing their entrepreneurial aspirations. This competition not only links you with influential industry experts but also provides invaluable guidance and enhances your pitching and marketing skills. You’ll receive practical assistance in shaping your business plans from experienced business educators, creating promotional materials that elevate your enterprise, and establishing a lasting brand. Additionally, you’ll gain constructive feedback to fuel your growth. Immerse yourself in the Angel Competition experience and become a part of an event that transforms your business aspirations into reality. Prepare to elevate your game and witness your business vision soar!

  • Angel Competition 2023

    After the nerve – wrecking weeks of logistics preparation and mentorship workshops, finally, on 20th June 2023, Mont Rose College hosted one of its traditional business events: The MRC Angel Competition!

    This competition is about students exploring various business ideas and developing a business plan to be presented to experts from various business sector organisations. These experts become part of the panel to judge these plans from various aspects of marketing, finance, legalities etc.

    Before presenting their business plan, the students receive mentoring and guidance from the academic staff, who help them polish up those ideas to be part of the competition. As Emily Dickinson said, hope is the thing with feathers. When there is an ambition within a student, our mentors are always ready to guide and let it shine!

    The judges provide a fair, thorough and clear evaluation of the participants’ business plans.

    This year the panel was comprised of Mont Rose College CEO, Mr Bilal Sheikh, Mont Rose College Business Programme Leader, Mr Desh Sharma, Relationship Director of Barclays, Ms Lucy Eyers, Recruitment Manager of Harrison Catering, Mr Alex Taylor, and Recruitment Manager of Red Carnation Hotel Ms Szandra Stephens. As for the audience, we honourably received cheerful support from Irina Paduret, our last year’s Angel Competition winner, showing her attendance throughout the event! The students from all departments also attended the event to support their respective candidates and gain further insight into the practicalities of starting a new business.

    The remarkable success of Mr. Jean Claude Lemaire’s bold and innovative gold business strategy, Ms. Marianna Aldea’s skillful and artistic embroidered works, and the innovative nail salon venture led by Ms. Nicoleta Targovet, all highlighting the camaraderie and seamless collaboration that thrives among our participants. They share mutual encouragement, positive energy, and genuine congratulations for each other’s accomplishments. Consequently, this year’s business competition sets a shining example for aspiring business professionals to draw inspiration from!

    After carefully assessing our three participants’ business development, potential and plans, the judges crowned Ms Nicoleta Targovet as this year’s Angel Competition winner, who received a cash prize and a serviced office space.

    Mont Rose College will also provide continuous mentoring and guidance in the future to assist the best out of her flourishing nail business.

    The marketing team at the college happily shouted out all three participants on social media. It will continue to feature in Mont Rose College events, especially our participants’ ongoing business progress!

    Dream big is the central theme and pursuit of Mont Rose College. We will continue to offer students the opportunity to grow into a business mindset that will surely assist them in their future endeavours.


    For more details, contact Barira and Nicole at:
    Tel: 0208 566 5009 (ext 1025)