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Mont Rose College help you maintain a lifelong connection with us and with each other, sharing experiences and enjoying alumni events and networking.

Welcome to the class of 2023
Business Management Courses London | Mont Rose College
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All top-up degrees, conversations and PGcert presented in the slides are alternative options to Mont Rose College. The organisation supports students for further education and career changes.

Business Management Courses London | Mont Rose College


June 2022
Business Management Courses London | Mont Rose College

Zephyr allows graduates to promote they small businesses.

Business Management Courses London | Mont Rose College

You will continue to have access to our careers services after you graduate as we continue to support you in your professional progression

Business Management Courses London | Mont Rose College
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Business and Management Courses London | Mont Rose College

Welcome to class of 2023

Congratulations, you made it. We are thrilled to be celebrating your hard work.

Welcome to the alumni community! As a Mont Rose College graduate, you can benefit from.

  • Access to the careers service and employability
  • Access to welfare
  • Invites to social and networking events
  • Access to zephyr to promote small businesses
  • Library and IT access – Regular access to the college library and IT facility.

We’d also like to invite you to complete our short survey, which will help us to tailor our alumni. Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy.

As a graduate,

Employability Service, news from the University, invitations to occasions and memories from your time at Mont Rose College. To receive our emails, make sure you keep your contact details up to date using our online form, found at

Alumni Story

  • Here at Mont Rose College, our Alumni go on to a range of exciting careers. Being part of the association allows you to explore the community and find out what other alumni have gone on to do. Most importantly, keep in touch with the MRC community. We would love to hear about what you are getting up to and would like to help and support you as much as we can.
MRC Alumni | Mont Rose College

MD Abdullah Al Kamal Story

MD Abdullah Al Kamal is currently a student at Mont Rose College, recently completing Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marketing and currently studying for Bachelor’s Degree with Hons (BA) in Marketing. He is currently working full-time as a patient ambassador at Whipps Cross Hospital, working for the BSET educational support system. Enhancing and elevating the educational system for children who are ostracized in deprived areas in Bangladesh, allowing children to increase their potential for a better livelihood. Mont Rose College has offered Abdullah Al Kamal the opportunity to work full-time and study full-time.

MRC Career Services

MRC Careers Service offers a wealth of tailored support to help you find and pursue your career goals. It doesn’t matter what subject you choose to study; whether you’re planning on entering the job market when you graduate or are interested in further study, we can support you in whatever choice is right for you. We also offer career support for life, so even after you have graduated, you can access our expert advice.

We support students in many ways:

  • Annual careers fairs across a range of sectors, so you can meet employers and explore your options
  • Events and workshops on a wide range of career-related topics run by employers and careers advisers
  • One to one careers advice appointment for students with our careers advisers
  • Our exclusive skills programmes help you develop and build employability skills across a range of sectors
  • Careers support for life

Business Marketing/ Management

If the students completing their Higher National Diploma or their degree course in the field of Business need the advice to enhance their qualifications further. Please contact our advisors and click on the link below for more information. Click Here

Hospitality Management

The students completing their Higher National Diploma or Top-up degree course in Hospitality Management and are inclined to pursue their studies more can contact the advisor and click on the below link for further advice. Click Here

Healthcare Practice

The students who have completed their Higher National Diploma or Top-up degree course in Healthcare Practice and are interested in further improving their education can book an appointment with the advisor for more information and click on the following link. Click Here

Diploma in Education and Training

Students completing the Level 6 course Diploma in Teaching and Learning are eligible to apply for Qualified Teacher Status, allowing them to pursue a career in teaching, from nursery to University level. They can also further enhance their education by joining various other education-related Masters’s degree programmes. Further information is available in the following link. Click Here

Conversion Courses

Conversion courses allow students to pursue a career in another subject, as they may have taken an appeal to specific modules during their undergraduate studies. This will enable students to have a career change and develop their skills and knowledge in a master’s course in a different field. All courses can be located at the hyperlink link below. Click Here

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We welcome comments and enquiries about any of our activities and services. You can contact us in a number of ways.

Contact details for Development and Alumni:

General enquiries:

Contact details for External Relations Coordinators staff at our International Executive Centres are available on our main website.