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Here at Mont Rose College our alumni go on to a range of exciting careers. Being part of the association allows you to explore the community and find out what other alumni have gone on to do, search for local groups and join the conversations in our LinkedIn group and on our other social media platforms. Most importantly, it enables you to keep in touch with the MRC community! We would love to hear about what you are getting up to, and would like to help and support you as much as we can. Feel free to send us an email at, or leave us a comment on LinkedIn or Facebook to let us know how you are doing!

If you would like an Alumnus ID card, please complete the form below and our Alumni Coordinator will be in touch to arrange the collection of your card. Contact : for more information

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You are automatically a member of the Mont Rose College Alumnus Association if you have completed your qualification. However, you can gain access to a range of exclusive benefits with an Alumnus ID card. If you are still on a course, you may continue to use your current ID card until expiry.

  • Events and networking – Alumni are invited to attend a wide variety of events, organized by the college or by fellow alumni
  • Careers advisory service – You will continue to have access to our careers services after you graduate as we continue to support you in your professional development
  • Library and IT access – Regular access to the college library and IT facilities