Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses— What It Is?

The UK’s higher education system is highly respected and accepted across the world. In an ever-changing and competitive job market, vocational education can let you be skilled enough to accomplish your life and career goals than any other certificate courses will.

This qualification prepares trainee teachers to teach in a broader range of contexts including further, community or adult education or work-based learning. The qualification corroborates occupational ability in teaching in these settings, and merges the study of frameworks, underpinning theories and research into effective teaching and learning together with the development of practical teaching abilities. It requires assessment and observation of performance.

Study Level 3 Diploma Courses to Take Your Career to Next Level

A Level 3 Diploma Courses from MRC offers you an opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised qualification. At MRC, we offer you diploma courses which are designed to improve specific competencies and skill sets leading to an increase in your career prospects and employability. It will also help to improve your experience in the teaching field. Our industry-oriented curriculum and intensive internship opportunities let you equip yourself with new skills and talents.

Diploma Courses— The More You Learn, the More You

The advantages of earning a Diploma courses are many and varied. In each and every industry segment globally there is an ever-growing demand for highly trained individuals who can make an optimistic and valuable contribution to an organisation and overall business management.

A graduate diploma courses is designed and developed to provide vital practical, vocational and relevant knowledge so that students can perform job roles efficiently and competently. It enables students to gain respectable employment, promotions and rewarding career. This is attained because on successful completion of this course, students will have the ability, skills and understanding to efficiently, effectively and adeptly carry out their jobs, tasks and work. Students who study MRC’s diploma courses will develop in ability and understanding, and will find the confidence to progress further— for higher education or training.

Pursuing this course, it will not only provide professional training and education, but also a valuable diploma courses from an accredited college. The qualification covers the skills and knowledge essential for teachers/trainers in the further education and skills sector, including—

  • Developing teaching, assessment and learning in education and training
  • Models, theories and principles of education and training
  • Broader professional practice and development in education and training

Why Diploma Courses is Worth Pursuing?

  • Diplomas make you ready for a job faster
  • You are more likely to be valued and hired
  • You will potentially earn higher from beginning
  • Diplomas can be completed in a significantly shorter time
  • Diploma courses cost you less than other courses
  • Diploma courses provide flexibility in learning
  • It enhances your practical skills

With the right qualifications, you can plan & choose your career options and develop your skills. In several cases, a diploma is the best answer— it comes at a fraction of the cost, effort and time, and equips you with better confidence and practical skills for your specific career.

Our Diploma Courses can get you where you want to be

MRC offers a range of comprehensive diploma courses prepared especially for rapid career progress, development and enhancement. They provide the essential understanding and knowledge required for career success— and often an MRC diploma may be all that is needed for an individual to attain their career ambitions.

Mont Rose College offers following 2 diploma courses:

Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA): CAVA is the only assessor’s award needed to be a fully skilled assessor. On successful completion of a certificate in assessing vocational achievement qualification, you will become a qualified assessor. This qualification will deliver sufficient evidence that you have acquired the knowledge and skills to assess in vocational and training abilities using a range of assessment techniques.

Diploma in Education and Training: This diploma courses is suitable for those who are in a full teaching role and will be applying for QTLS— Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status. Diploma in Education and Training provides training for people who wish to, or hold a teaching role with a broad range of training or teaching responsibilities, including those in more than one background.

The Mont Rose College’s Diploma Courses enable teachers to—

  • Develop critical engagement with essential education concepts and theories
  • Improve their teaching to hone the quality of their student’s learning approaches
  • Focus on reflective and effective practice to support active learning
  • Integrate new approaches in your own practice
  • Explore and apply new ideas & concepts in your own context
  • Prove professional development as an introspective practitioner

Diploma Courses at MRC— Learn With Us and Improve Your Chances of Getting Ahead

At Mont Rose College, we are committed to giving our students a holistic environment that promotes competency and self-awareness. We provide some of the optimum teaching and learning environments students can aware experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should study with Mont Rose College—

  • We are one of the most varied and multicultural universities
  • Everything you need to get successful is what you get in our diploma courses
  • You and your aims are what matters to MRC
  • You can study at your own convenience and pace
  • Your study and training is flexible
  • MRC study fits with your employment responsibilities and goals
  • We ensure equality and access for all, no matter from where come
  • We are a supportive and welcoming community
  • MRC provide useful advice and quick assistance whenever needed

These reasons are just a few to name. There are much more reasons why you should choose us to achieve your career goals, and your educational, study and training ambitions.

We welcome you to explore your study options and career paths with Mont Rose College.

Students on this course may be fully funded by the Student Loan Company.This facility is only available to UK and other European Union students. For more information, please contact the admissions team at admissions@mrcollege.ac.uk or T: +44 20 8556 5009

Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF)

Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF) | Mont Rose College

Diploma in Education & Training (QCF)

Diploma in Education & Training (QCF) | Mont Rose College