Student Useful Information

Student Useful Information
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Overview of our services

We are excited to support you every step of the way throughout your academic journey. To streamline the process and make your experience at Mont Rose College as seamless as possible, we kindly ask for your cooperation in booking appointments using this QR code and reaching out to the relevant faculty member before making your enquiry to the Student Services. This approach ensures a smooth and enriching educational journey. Whether you have general enquiries, questions about your study program, need academic guidance, or seek welfare support and pastoral care, or access any of the support services listed below, rest assured, we are always here to assist you. Let us make it a routine to follow the College procedures diligently, ensuring you are on the path to academic success!

View our Student Handbook for information

  • How To Reach Us
  • General Enquiries
  • Welfare and Pastoral Care
  • Attendance Reporting Procedure
  • Confirmation of Student Status (Council Tax Exemption Letter)
  • Procedure for Requesting Letters Confirming Full-Time Student Status
  • MRC Student ID Cards Procedure
  • TFL Oyster Card/ Network Rail and Discounts
  • Deadline Extension & Mitigating Circumstances & Interruption from Studies & Student Withdrawals
  • Induction
  • Internal Transfers
  • Moodle and Blackboard
  • IT & VLE
  • Library Facilities
  • General Concerns/Complaints Procedure

How to reach us

Mont Rose House Campus, 5th Floor, 412 – 416 Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, London, Ig2 6nq.
Name Email Extension Role
Mr. Kamel Hachouf 1032 Student Services Manager
Ms. Dua Ishaque 1009/1027 Senior Student Services Officer - (Attendance Recording)
Ms. Monisah Akram 1009 Student Services Administrator
Mr. Fawaz Al-Rassas 1009 Student Services Administrator
Mr. M. A. Matthew Lammin 1009 Student Services Administrator
Miss Rezime Orife 1022 Welfare & Safeguarding Officer
Ms. Orla Daly 1003 Student Services Assistant Manager - (Attendance Monitoring)

General Enquires

The Student Services Team is committed to providing a student-centred approach throughout their educational journey, serving as the primary point of contact between students and the college. They manage various inquiries, including timetables, class cancellations, transitioning to online learning, and IT assistance. Moreover, they assist with general queries such as Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) enrolment, updating personal information like addresses or mobile numbers, and accommodating changes in session timings from morning to evening or vice versa. We encourage students to reach out to any member of the Student Services Team for accurate information and guidance as needed. Our well-trained team members are always eager to provide valuable support to our invaluable students.

Procedure for General Enquiries

For general enquiries, students have three options to submit their queries to the Student Services team:

    1. Get Your Query Sorted Over the Phone
      • Call the college number and ask the Reception Desk to transfer your call to the Student Services Department (SSD) or dial either of the two extensions: 1009 or 1027.
    2. Use Email Facilities
      • Compose your query in English using short sentences. Include your full name and Student ID number at the end of your email before sending it to either:

        3 In-Person

        The Student Services team is available on the 5th Floor at Mont Rose House campus or the Ground Floor at Shakespeare House Campus.Please allow 2 working days for your query to be resolved, and in a cases, up to 5 working days. It’s advisable to call us first to understand the expected response time from the SSD.

Welfare and Pastoral Care

Welcome to our College! We are so excited to have you join our vibrant community. At Mont Rose College, we believe that your journey with us is about more than just academics. It is about your well-being and personal growth every step of the way.

Our Welfare and Pastoral Care services are here for you when you need someone to talk to, whether it is about personal challenges, concerns about attendance, counselling sessions or seeking support with Disability Student’s Allowance (DSA) applications, guidance on personal challenges, we are here to take care of you.

Your health and well-being matter to us. We can explore our range of financial aid options, scholarships, and emergency funds to support you along the way and will leave no stone unturned to positively impact on your life and study.

To discuss attendance, concerns, welfare, and special needs/requirements, or seek support with Disability Student’s Allowance (DSA) applications, The Welfare Team is available on the 1st Floor at Mont Rose House campus or the Ground Floor at Shakespeare House Campus. Our Welfare Officer will be waiting and willing to provide you with a safe and confidential space to share your thoughts and feelings, and to guide you through any obstacles you may encounter during your college journey. And of course, your health is our priority.

We are here to ensure you are feeling your best both physically and mentally.

  • Worried about finances? Don’t be! We offer a range of guidance support to access emergency hardship funds to support you along the way.
  • Need to reach out for support? It is easy! Whether you prefer to visit us in person at our campus welfare offices, give us a call, or send us an email. Your success is our success, and we will do everything in our power to positively impact your life and studies.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or facing conflicts? Our supportive team is here to help you navigate through any challenges, ensuring a harmonious environment for all.
  • Remember, your well-being is our priority! So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need a helping hand or simply if you want to connect with someone. Together, let us make your college experience the best it can be!

The Attendance Reporting section shows the booking procedure.

We cannot wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish with us!

Attendance Reporting Procedure

When you arrive at class, your lecturer will verify your attendance, which is crucial for meeting course requirements and academic support. If you are unable to attend classes, follow the college’s attendance procedures diligently to document your presence officially. This is vital for fulfilling course requirements, maintaining eligibility for exams and assignments, and receiving academic support. Our student services team also manages student attendance (both authorised and unauthorised), attendance recording and reporting, and takes necessary actions such as issuing attendance warning letters, suspension, and withdrawals from the course, all in accordance with College policies and procedures. Remember, your attendance contributes to a positive learning environment and encourages active participation and engagement with your peers and instructors. By promptly informing the Attendance Team and adhering to the college’s attendance procedures, you would have fulfilled your commitment to your educational providers, enabled them to support you more effectively and significantly reduced any potential negative impact on your study. Failure to maintain contact with the college and follow protocols may result in course suspension or expulsion for persistent offenders.

Prior to discussing or reporting your absence, lateness, or requesting leave, here are the important steps to follow:

  • Assess Your Condition: If you are unwell or facing unforeseen circumstances, evaluate your health and safety.
  • Notify the attendance team: Promptly contact the Student Services and Attendance Team via email to report your absence before your scheduled class starts. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, call the Team to ensure your absence is authorised.
  • Provide Necessary Information: In your email, include essential details like your full name, student ID number, course name/code, and reason for your absence and attach supporting evidence if available.
  • Follow College Procedures: Adhere to MRC absence reporting procedures and submit the attendance form if your absence extends beyond one week.
  • Document Your Absence: Keep records of your communication with the Attendance Team for your reference.
  • Follow Up if Necessary: If you do not receive confirmation of your authorised absence, or have concerns, follow up with the Attendance Team.

To discuss attendance, concerns, welfare, special requirements, or seek support with Disability Student’s Allowance (DSA) applications, students must follow these steps:

  1. Call the Student Services Team to Seek Advice & Book an Appointment
    • Ask the Reception Desk to transfer your call to the Student Services or contact Orla, Rezime, or Dua on extensions 1003, 1027, or 1022.
  2. Use Email Facilities to Book an Appointment and Discuss Your Concerns
    • Email your query in English, ensuring to include your full name and your Student ID number. Attach any supporting information (if available) before sending your email to:
  1. In-Person
    • If you require special arrangements (pastoral care) or have concerns affecting your concentration in your studies, your welfare and well-being will be addressed by the Welfare Officer (Rezime) and Program Managers. Please ensure to book an appointment before coming in to speak with one of the Student Services Team on the 5th Floor at Mont Rose House Campus or the Ground Floor at Shakespeare House Campus. They will arrange a meeting to discuss how you can Book an appointment with Rezime for Concerns & Special Needs (1st Floor) and be supported academically and during difficult times, including addressing poor attendance.

Confirmation of Student Status Letters (Council Tax Exemption Letter)

Throughout your educational journey at Mont Rose College, you can access benefits such as a Council Tax Exemption and travel discounts like the TFL Oyster Card. Indeed, the Student Services Team is available to assist by providing supporting documentation confirming full-time student status, such as the Confirmation of Student Status letter, often requested by third parties like Council Tax, Universal Credit, or banks.

Requesting Procedure

To facilitate the processing of requests and issuance of confirmation letters, new entrants (First Year students) must first commence attending classes and ensure they provide the Team with a copy of their Letter of Entitlement issued by Student Finance England (SFE), confirming Tuition Fee Loan and enrolment with Mont Rose College and access to benefits. First Year students must visit the Student Services Team on the 5th Floor at Mont Rose House or email a scanned copy of their SFE Letter of Entitlement to the Student Team.

Please allow up to 5 days for this process.

Here are the guidelines to follow:

• Planning and Strategy: Remember, the adage “failing to Plan = Planning to fail” holds true. Plan and allocate ample time, follow the correct steps (strategy), and seek support when in doubt to avoid disappointments.
• Notify the Student Support team: If you are uncertain or pressed for time to provide information to third parties, such as Council Tax exemption, ensure you submit your inquiry as soon as possible.
• Provide Necessary Information: When sending emails, ensure you have already submitted your SFE Confirmation letter and include essential details like your full name, student ID number, course name/code, and the requested document.
• Follow College Procedures: Follow MRC procedures and allow up to five working days for your requested document to be issued. You can collect it after receiving a confirmation email/text from the Student Services inviting you to come to the 5th Floor, Mont Rose House for collection.

Procedure for Requesting Letters Confirming Full-Time Student Status

Students requesting letters must follow these steps:

  1. Call the Student Services Team to Seek Advice
    • Call the college number and ask the Reception Desk to transfer your call to the Student Services Department, or dial either Orla or Dua on extensions 1003 or 1027.
  2. Use Email Facilities
    • Compose an email in English, using short sentences, and ensure to include your full name and Student ID number. Attach your Student Finance England (SFE) Letter of Entitlement before emailing the team at:
    • Our work cycle is five working days. For urgent requests, please follow MRC policy and include a £10 admin fee with your request. Please confirm if you need a printed copy instead of a soft copy (PDF). Third parties nowadays favour the use of email as it plays a huge part in saving the environment.
  3. In-Person
    • Visit the Student Services team on the 5th Floor at Mont Rose House campus or the Ground Floor at Shakespeare House Campus.
    • Please ensure you have booked an appointment prior to your visit.
    • Due to administrative and preventive system audits, we regret that we are unable to address inquiries and issue documents during the same visit.

Student ID Card

Upon completing enrolments, Mont Rose College (MRC) automatically issues Student ID Cards to all students. At the conclusion of the induction student typically collect their student ID cards along with other essential documents. Your MRC Student ID Card is a vital tool granting access to our campuses and various facilities such as printing and the car park.

Due to the sensitivity of access (related to Health and Safety), we strongly advise all students to exercise caution and NEVER allow others to use their card. In the event of misplacement or loss, it is crucial to notify MRC immediately to block the card and arrange for a replacement, subject to a nominal administrative fee.

MRC Student ID Card Procedure

Students requesting an ID Card (including Replacement ID Cards) must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Call the Student Services Team to Report a Lost or Misplaced ID Card
    • At the conclusion of the Induction Day, the Student Services distribute Student ID Cards. Students who misplace their ID Cards must report them as “LOST” immediately by calling the college and requesting a transfer to the Student Services, or by dialling Ext: 1003 or 1027.
  2. Use Email Facilities or Visit In-Person
    • Compose an email in English, using concise sentences, and ensure to include your full name and Student ID number. Clearly state that you have lost or misplaced your MRC Student ID Card before emailing the team at:
    • Upon receipt of your request, we will respond to your query within two working days, though it may require up to five working days.
    • We will notify you via email or text once your ID card is ready for collection, either from the 5th Floor of Mont Rose House or the Ground Floor of Shakespeare House (for HSC students).
    • If you report your ID card lost, you will need to pay an administrative fee of £10 online. Please ensure you use your full name as the reference to facilitate tracking of your transaction. If paying via IBFT, kindly present your receipt at the reception desk on the 5th floor or email it to the given email address. For online payment:
    • Use your full name as the reference and make payment to:
      • Name: Mont Rose College
      • Sort Code: 20-31-52
      • Account Number: 90543063

TFL/Oyster/Rail Discount Cards

In addition to assistance with voting registration, Full-Time students can also receive support with applying for Student Oyster Cards approval (18+ Oyster Card) by following the link below:

Students will need to create an account with TFL to proceed with the application form. Please ensure that the enrolment number you enter matches the Mont Rose College Student ID Number as displayed on your ID card. For example, MRC/123456/HND (where MRC stands for Mont Rose College, 123456 = the 6 digits on your ID Card, HND = Higher National Diploma.

Kindly note that the approval process is beyond the control of MRC, and it may take you up to 2 weeks to get your discount. Students can check the status of their application by logging into their TFL Oyster account.

For inquiries regarding students living or travelling outside the TFL Zones, please contact your local railway station for further information.

Deadline Extensions, Interruption from Studies & Student Withdrawals

Students must initiate the process by emailing the Student Services to request a form for various purposes: seeking an extension of the assignment submission deadline, suspending studies due to mitigating circumstances (personal or medical reasons), or withdrawing from the course entirely. In each scenario, it is imperative for students to complete and submit the appropriate form, then email to:

while also copying the relevant heads of departments. Students should clearly state their reason for the request and attach any supporting evidence if available.

For requests regarding deadline extensions and interruptions of studies, the relevant Head of Department will review the form and decide whether to grant the extension or interruption, and then communicate the decision to the student accordingly. In cases of withdrawals, the Student Services will evaluate the form and inform the student of the decision in alignment with the terms and conditions of student enrolments.


The primary aim of the induction process is to warmly welcome our new students, and to emphasise their importance and value within our community. We strive to assist them in integrating smoothly into the college environment and feeling like part of our family from the start.

Another crucial aspect of the induction is to acquaint new students with the college’s main departments, faculty members, and campus layout. By doing so, we aim to ensure they feel confident and at ease in their new surroundings, affirming that they have chosen the right place for their educational journey. Additionally, the induction serves as an opportunity to underscore the significance of students’ adherence to Mont Rose College’s terms and conditions.

This commitment is fundamental to unlocking personalised education and support from our staff, who are committed to helping every student achieve their professional aspirations.

The Student Services Team will oversee the induction process to ensure all students feel welcomed and supported. The Team maintains open communication with students, provides the necessary information and gathers any missing details before and after the induction. This meticulous approach ensures that the beginning of every student’s educational journey is seamless and devoid of unnecessary stress. We will email tailored information packs to all enrolled students to ensure everyone stays informed. Alternatively, you can use the link below:

Internal Transfers

Students who wish to internally transfer from their registered course to another (e.g., from Business to Hospitality) or change their timetabled attendance session (as provided on induction day) from morning to evening or vice versa can submit their request via email to the Student Services, while providing a clear explanation for the transfer request.

For internal transfers involving a change in session time, upon receiving the emailed request, the Student Services Team will collaborate with the Head of Department, who will communicate their decision to the student, confirming the new timetable. In case a student wishes to change their entire program, the Student Services Team will coordinate with Student Finance (SFE) to assess their eligibility for transfer and will communicate the decision in due course. It is important to note that this process is beyond Mont Rose College’s control. In all such situations, students need to provide feedback or suggestions and drop it into the feedback box located on the fifth floor of Mont Rose House or the Ground Floor of Shakespeare House. This will help us immensely as it enhances the quality of our service.

Moodle and Blackboard

The VLE portal serves as a platform for students to access their modules, assignments, and related session materials. Similarly, Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) enrolled students use Blackboard for the same purpose. Your Student Credentials consist of unique usernames and passwords that grant access to the PCs in our computer labs across all campuses, as well as your dedicated MRC email ID. Once student complete their enrolment, they will receive their unique credentials, allowing them to log in using their college email addresses provided during admissions and access Moodle after the induction process. Students unable to attend induction due to legitimate reasons must promptly contact the Student Service Team to finalise their enrolment details.

Throughout the duration of their course, students facing difficulties can reach out to the Student Service Team in person by visiting the 5th Floor of Mont Rose House or Ground Floor of Shakespeare House or by email for prompt resolution.

Additionally, students can contact the MRC IT team. We encourage students to email and book an appointment for a comprehensive step-by-step explanation addressing Moodle access queries.

For assistance, please email:

Upon receiving your request, a resolute team member from Student Services will be available to guide you, working promptly to address your concerns. You can also reach us by calling:
T: 020 8556 5009

and ask for Matthew from the Student Services Team, who will arrange to discuss your needs and guide you accordingly.

Students enrolled in the master’s degree or foundation program will receive an email with their credentials prompting them to enrol through the Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) portal (Blackboard).

If students require additional assistance with accessing BNU’s Blackboard, they must reach out to the university’s IT Team. They can resolve any IT-related technical issues by contacting BNU and requesting support from the IT support team on:
T: 0149 460 5000

Irrespective of whether it is our MRC students or BNU-enrolled, all are encouraged to visit either the 5th floor at Mont Rose House or the Ground floor office at Shakespeare House (specifically for Integrated Health & Social Care students) where they can meet with one of our highly trained members of the Student Services Team, who will provide assistance with the enrolment process including accessing/using Moodle/Blackboard

Library Facilities

Our online and paper library is well-stocked, covering a wide array of subjects, particularly those related to our courses. We ensure its relevance by consistently updating it with new books recommended by our academic peers.

Students who wish to borrow books can easily do so by reaching out to the Student Services Department. They simply need to submit their request via email and schedule an appointment to access the library services. In their email, students must provide their full name, college ID number, the title of their module, the full title of the book along with the author’s name/s and year of publication. Additionally, students must confirm alternative book titles given by their module lecturer, to help us in our search for books.

Upon submission, students will receive a confirmation email regarding the availability of the requested books and instructions on when to collect them from either the 5th Floor (Mont Rose House) or Ground Floor (Shakespeare House).

We kindly request our valued students to be mindful that due to limited stock, they may keep the book for a duration of two weeks before returning it to allow other students access. However, if they require an extension, they can request it by emailing the Student Services Department, subject to availability, for an additional short duration.

General Concerns/Complaints

Mont Rose College (MRC) strives to cater to the individual needs of its student community. We are committed to maintaining high level standard in both bespoke education and the services we offer to students. Should Student Services fall short of the standards you deserve, we encourage students to approach us first and give us the opportunity to address their concerns informally.

In case the issue under question falls within the authority of MRC, and you remain dissatisfied with the outcome or service provided, we invite you to follow our complaints procedure and submit your concerns or formal complaint, detailing what went wrong and what outcome you are seeking.

Step Description
1 Send both informal and formal complaints to:
2 Upon receipt of your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment email along with information and advice to resolve your query amicably (informal). The email will provide further instructions on the next course of action.
3 If you remain dissatisfied, you can proceed to the next stage by confirming your intention in writing. We will then guide you to download the complaints form from our website or alternatively, email our Student Services team to request these forms and relevant information.
4 Along with the complaint forms, you will receive confirmation of the named staff member who will manage your first formal stage complaints procedure.
5 You must submit your formal complaint in writing, explaining the nature of the issues, why you are not satisfied with the proposed informal resolution, and the best outcome you expect from us.
6 Upon receipt of the completed form, you will receive an acknowledgment email/letter and informed of the next stage within fourteen working days.
A committee panel will investigate your complaint and send you, their decision. You will attend and offered the opportunity to bring a representative if you so desire. This entire process typically takes 4 weeks from the submission of your complaint. For further information, please visit our website and refer to the section on policies and procedures.

MRC takes every query, expressed concern, or complaint seriously and conducts thorough investigations into the issues raised. We advise addressing your concern directly with the relevant staff members involved. If the matter remains unresolved, please proceed to complete the Concerns/Complaints form, and email it to the appropriate contact listed below.

Name Email Extension Role
Mr. Desh Sharma 1006 Senior Academic Complaints
Mr. Kamel Hachouf 1032 Senior General Complaints

Please note, even after graduation, we welcome feedback, concerns, and complaints within 6 months as we strive to maintain our high standard of student care and exceed expectations. Please also note that students enrolled with Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) on a degree course, master’s degree or foundation program may, where applicable, follow BNU’s complaints procedure. BNU involvement in complaints resolution, is often on academic grounds. If a student remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation and the decision of the MRC committee, they can request a review of the MRC decision to ensure compliance with our published procedures and timescales, and whether the outcome was reasonable given the circumstances presented. For more information, students must visit BNU’s website and refer to the section on policies and procedures.

Student Finance & Hardship Fund

Our Student Finance Officer, Miss Arrani, supported by Mr Michael, the Student Finance Support Officer, are adept at adhering to funding regulations. They provide crucial assistance to students by validating eligibility criteria, aiding in Student Finance England (SFE) applications and any general queries. We offer dedicated support to all students facing financial challenges through the Hardship Fund Support.

Please refer this link for more information on Hardship fund

The team also manages inquiries related to invoice submission for the “Refer a Friend” scheme and managing the payment processes.

Name Email Extension Role
Miss. Arrani Kugathas 1031 Student Finance Administrator (Student Finance & Refer a Friend Scheme)
Mr. Michael Semuguruka 1030 Student Finance Support Officer – (Student Finance & Hardship Fund)


The Employability Department assists MRC students and alumni in achieving their education and career objectives, enhancing skills for improved employability and career progression. Services include personalised job search advice, CV and cover letter evaluations, workshops tailored to specific student groups or subjects, and interview preparation sessions. Our aim is to support students in reaching their professional goals by providing invaluable skills and industry exposure. Our contact details are presented below:

Name Extension Role
Mrs. Lynnette Brathwaite 1026 Employability Manager
Miss. Barira Ahsan 1025 Employability Coordinator
Miss. Nicole Ai 1025 Employability Coordinator

Moreover, our team provides extra-curricular services, including the opportunity for students to contribute content to the college magazine, Zephyr. This content may include business advertisements or creative writing pieces. Additionally, students can participate in the Angels Competition, a business competition organised by the college to nurture entrepreneurial skills.

To enrol in the MRC Angels competition, please contact our competition team at

We publish a monthly employability newsletter offering insights into the job industry, highlighting available work opportunities, showcasing student achievements, and study tips, etc.

Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors represent the student body within the employability department and college. They advocate for employability services, initiatives, and events, encouraging fellow students to engage in activities aimed at advancing their careers.

Name Email Extension
Nazratun Nayem 1025
Silviya Anastova 1025
Olubunmi Anikeola Oluguntoye 1025

Student Engagement

Student engagement is the heartbeat of campus life—a dynamic exchange where students actively participate and immerse themselves in all aspects of university experience, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere that feels like home. It is about more than just attending classes; it is about diving into a rich tapestry of opportunities, from joining outside organisations and getting extracurricular involvement, social interactions, and contributions to the overall campus environment. It fosters a sense of belonging, enhances learning outcomes, and contributes to a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

In this warm and student-friendly environment, every individual feels valued, supported, and empowered to pursue their passions and dreams. It is a place where we celebrate diversity, where different perspectives are welcome, and where everyone can thrive and succeed. Student engagement is the heartbeat that sustains the vibrant spirit of campus life, creating a sense of belonging and community that lasts a lifetime.

Name Email Extension Role
Mr. Imran Bilal 1012 Student Engagement Manager
Miss. Kriti Shukla N/A Student Engagement Administrator

Student Union

The Student Union (SU) stands as a cornerstone in fostering a robust sense of community and providing multifaceted resources and support services across our dual campuses. Serving as a hub for social, cultural, and academic activities, the SU organises events and facilitates meetings to enrich the collegiate experience. Within its ambit, the SU operates as a nurturing network, fostering not only academic growth but also personal development. The SU is the place for endearing friendships, individual passions ardently pursued, and indelible memories forged.

The SU team diligently channels student concerns, champions pertinent causes, and endeavours to shape campus policies conducive to enhance the educational experience at Mont Rose College. The SU advocates for student voices in campus governance, championing causes and shaping policies. SU plays a pivotal role in enhancing student success, well-being, and engagement within the vibrant tapestry of the College community, and can be contacted in person or by email at

Name Email Extension Role
Mr. Imran Bilal 1012 Student Engagement Manager
Miss. Kriti Shukla N/A Student Engagement Administrator
Elena Condurache N/A Student Union - Academic and Welfare Office
Vasilita Golban N/A Student Union President
Adelina Vasile N/A Student Union - Event Officer


The IT Department at MRC sets up all the online details you may need such as Microsoft and Moodle log-ins. They are also able to help with any difficulty in using the online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

To access Moodle< (Online library) please use this LINK:

IT Support Team

Name Email Extension Role
Mr. Fayzul Amin 1028 IT Manager
Mr. Vladimir Sak 1004 IT Support Officer/Administrator (Moodle VLE)

All New Students, Please Note!
Mont Rose College Will Delete All Students’ IT Accounts Within 90 Days of Your Course Completion Or 90 Days After Leaving Your Course (Work Saved on Computers, Emails, Moodle, OneDrive, Google Drive And Office 365). It Is The Sole Responsibility of All Students To Backup All Their Data (Work). Once The IT Account Is DELETED, We Cannot Retrieve It.

Student Concerns And Complaints

We advise addressing your concern directly with the relevant staff members involved. If the matter remains unresolved, please proceed to complete the Concerns/Complaints form, and email it to the appropriate contact listed below. Kindly familiarise yourself with the college’s Concerns/Complaints policy to understand the procedure for submitting concerns and complaints.

Senior Complaints Team

Name Email Extension Type
Mr. Desh Sharma 1006 Academic Complaints
Mr. Kamel Hachouf 1032 General Complaints

Registering to Vote

Voting provides you with the opportunity to decide who represents you and ensures that your student issues and concerns become a central part of UK politics. According to the Electoral Commission, statistically, students, young people and those who have recently moved into the UK are the least likely groups to be registered to vote. Your voice must be heard, and this means register to vote and play a part in the UK’s decision-making!
Registering and having your name on the Electoral register is also a useful tool to proving your identity and home address which helps greatly when applying for rental, credit card, or mobile phone contract.

More information who is eligible to vote and how to register to vote is provided here.