Moodle is the Mont Rose College Virtual Learning Environment, a web platform designed specifically to support the delivery of teaching, learning materials and activities.

The resources and activities on Moodle are available to students 24/7 from anywhere at any time.

Upon enrolling for a course, your Moodle username and password will be sent out to you by our admin team.

How to Login

  • Go to Mont Rose College website and on the bottom of the page click Student Moodle Or Type in the URL
  • Click Log In from top right
  • Enter your username and password then click "Log in" Once you have logged in, you will enter the home page. Here you will see there are six tabs on the top:
  • Home
  • Dashboard
  • Courses
  • Calendar
  • Info
  • My Courses
  • HOME

    Here you will find lots of useful information and web links to help your learning with Mont Rose College.

    Also, you will find here your Timetable, individual learning plan (ILP) and messages.


    Here you will see the courses that you are enrolled onto and whether any assignment submission drop box has been created or not.

    You can click on “view course” to see the subjects within the course and access the resources.


    Here you will be able to see all the available courses that we are currently running at Mont Rose College.

    However, you will not be able to access courses that you are not enrolled on.


    Here you can use the calendar to organise yourself and plan ahead.

    The deadline of your assignments will also be shown on the calendar. You can click on the deadline date and it will take you straight to the Turnitin Dropbox for submission.

  • INFO

    The Information tab contains information about Moodle, IT Labs, Printer, Wi-Fi, Email and Help and Support.

    Also, where and who to contact if you need any help.


    Here you can see all the courses that you have enrolled into and quickly access resources.

Finding Your Course & Lecture Notes

There are several ways you can find your courses on Moodle. Your course can be found on the Navigation panel on the left, Dashboard, My Courses OR bottom of the home page under My Courses. Click on your course to see the subjects that you are studying or have studied.

Looking at Week by Week Course Lecture Notes

Click on a subject to see your lecture notes, relevant handout for the subject and Turnitin assignment drop boxes. Your lecture notes will be organised week by week with the module name attached. The lecture notes get uploaded weekly so you can have your notes with you on the day of the lecture.

Downloading Notes/PowerPoint Presentations

When downloading the lecture notes and presentations you need to click on the chosen lecture note and then depending on the web browser you are using, your download might start automatically and download into your Download folder (e.g. Google Chrome) and you can open the file from the download folder or it might prompt you whether you would like to save the file or open the file.

If you save the file then you need to go to the folder where it’s saved then open it from there. You can download a step by step Moodle hand book from Here

How to Change Password

To change your Moodle password, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Moodle log in page
  • Click Forgotten your username or password
  • Type in your username and click search
  • Check your Primary email (this is normally your college email unless the student has requested to have their private email as primary email on Moodle). click on the link on email and follow the on screen instructions