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Master Course — A Step to Your Better, Brighter Career!

Studying for a master degree program from a UK university could provide you the edge in today’s competitive job market, while also giving you the opportunity to specialise in your preferred field. An MBA degree program at the Mont Rose College will prepare you from the challenging and fast-pacing business world.

If you are looking to pursue a specific degree that will make your bachelor’s degree more influencing, MBA degrees are ideal choices. As the most popular postgraduate qualification, a Masters course is best for those who are looking to further their knowledge in a specific subject and boost their employability.

Our specialised master programs are designed to prepare you for the workplace and make you stand out in a competitive job market. On successful completion of the course, you will have a strong portfolio of skills and knowledge that can be implemented across different sectors. There is a focus on professional development during the programme, including career planning. We offer support from a dedicated careers service for our master students to make them feel comfortable.

You will be able to combine your mandatory units with optional units that tweak your expertise, escalating your insight into areas such as entrepreneurship, creativity, private equity and settlement. We will apply conventional and promising business theory and concepts to real-life scenarios.

Our world-leading full time dedicated master course will let you develop the strong knowledge and practical skills to become a leader in your desired field. The courses are developed with employers, combining teaching excellence with real-world hands-on application to present you an exceptional competitive edge.

Climb the Corporate Ladder with a Master Course

Business is now truly global. But that needs a broader understanding of communication, strategy and culture. To make your undergraduate degree more influencing, it requires a master degree. A master course is intended for students who want to develop a dynamic global career. You will understand the issues and causes behind the international markets, and perfect your skills in problem-solving, marketing, strategy and management.

A master degree program is designed for students with ambition, talent and entrepreneurial skills, who would like to make a career in international entrepreneurship, international business development or venture management. It combines building entrepreneurial skills for business start-ups and management skills for the international marketplace.

  • You will learn more about what you love and are interested in
  • You get research opportunities
  • You get a sense of accomplishment
  • Pursuing masters gives increased credibility and respect
  • Many options for career advancement
  • You get a higher possibility for a career change
  • It gives higher earning potential
  • It helps you make helpful connections
  • It gives academic recognition
  • It helps you get noticed in today’s job market
  • It helps you get your dream job

You will leave the degree program with a wide range of conveyable skills, including the ability to evaluate situations, build creative solutions to quick-moving challenges, and to communicate effectively in an international business environment.

Why Pursue a Postgraduate Degree in the UK?

The UK is home to some of the top universities in the world, well-known for their high-quality of research and teaching. A UK postgraduate study is highly regarded by employers, and for an international student studying in the UK is a brilliant opportunity to hone English skills and put your feet into exciting and multicultural community of students and academics.

Master course in the UK can help advance your career in numerous fields and industries, providing you the dedicated knowledge and more experience and expertise than a graduate from a bachelor’s degree. MRC welcomes the brightest minds to study on its London campus with like-minded students who feel enthusiastically about modern world issues.

A master degree in London for international students can be challenging, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Pursuing your masters in the UK you will:

  • Achieve an internationally recognized qualification
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Earn more over the course of your career because of the power a UK Masters holds
  • Study in cultural diversity
  • Get excellent support facilities
  • Get flexible environment
  • Part-time, full-time, distance, online – it’s all up to you!
  • Superior teaching quality and outstanding research facilities
  • Postgraduate funding available

Master Course – The Value of a MBA Degree

Studying an advanced degree at MRC offers you a highly hands-on education, delivered in a dynamic and multi-lingual learning environment. We are one of the best business schools in London offering International Master of Business Administration at the most competitive tuition fees. Your postgraduate master degree at MRC boosts your career prospects, offering you supreme industry access and starting your global network of entrepreneurs, fellow master students, graduates and innovators.

Postgraduate master programmes at MRC are recognizable for their international perspective and dedicated focus to every field of study. A master’s degree offers many benefits— it gives a platform with an opportunity to pursue a subject deeply; to attain knowledge and skills in a new subject and get ready for further research. Additionally, a postgraduate qualification from MRC equips you for a career in a multifaceted world. In a world of uncertainity, the global expertise of our graduates is highly appreciated by employers internationally.

The Mont Rose College’s full-time MBA degree focuses on leading organizations and people to face the crucial challenges of innovation, sustainability, and revolution in today’s uncertain and highly volatile environment. Taught by superlative academics, Mont Rose College MBA delivers progressive thinking and requires you to implement it to real-business problems through a combination of business research, company visits, regular exposure to business leaders, and much more.

By developing your strategic, analytical and leadership skills across different business disciplines, you will achieve a more holistic view of leadership and management, which will drive your career to new heights. Working meticulously with a highly varied, the international cohort will develop your experience further and provide you useful insights into various business cultures.

Whether you are looking to enhance your marketing prospects, bring new skills to your existing role or demonstrate that you are all set to take on a superior level of responsibility, the MRC International Master of Business Administration will help you attain your goals.

MRC offers master course in:

International Master of Business Administration:

If you are looking for a career progression, International Master of Business Administration is designed to foster sustainability, resilience and organizational trailblazing to prepare you for the contemporary global perception where change is the only constancy. This course focuses on preparing budding business leaders and entrepreneurs to understand global uncertainties and disorderly factors and rapidly adapt these facts to their organization’s competitive benefit.

This is a 12-15 months full-time study course. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrative senior management expertise and skills, make high-level professional decisions, and apply independent theory and research to advance innovative strategic thinking and solve intricate business problems.

From marketing strategy to international finance, and project management to digital leadership, by the end of the course you will have developed an integrated, strategic and holistic perspective on management and organizations. You will become confident in your leadership abilities, and get ready for senior management career progression.

Why MRC is the Best College for Your Master Course?

The reason for studying at MRC is simple— we produce graduates who think differently. We equip you with the ability and knowledge to excel in today’s ever-changing business environment. At Mont Rose College, we work closely with organizations varying from global businesses to government bodies, from registered charities to local health services. These connections give our research based programs better and more instantaneous impact. We turn passion into achievement and innovative theory into revolutionary practice. From the moment you join us, we will be focused on developing your personal and professional skills. Our specialist careers support team will support you in planning your next career step.

We encourage master students to become the best you can be through some of the most transformational experiences, providing you with a distinct opportunity to experience true professional and personal growth during your time with us. Our academics combine professional practice with research based activity and teaching, to bring forward-thinking business knowledge to the classroom – the type of knowledge that turns directly to your career.

Global Focus: An international perspective is at the core of everything we do, and you enjoy a constantly global focus on your studies. By socialising and studying with students from several different corners of the world, you are not only learning from your teachers, but also from one another too. You will develop the intercultural intelligence and personal network that is required for success in today’s contemporary multinational organization.

Encourage Your True Potential: At MRC, we go beyond the standard business education, challenging you to be the best you can. We give you hands-on, real experience and understanding of the international workplace. We consistently work with you to maximise your true potential and perfect your capability as a future entrepreneur, owner and international business leader.

An Entrepreneurial Approach: Creativity and innovation are the twin engines of business development. We encourage a dynamic, open-minded approach that will motivate you to thrive in any business environment, both now and in the future. At MRC, you will also become highly aware of the environmental and social responsibilities that lie at the centre of strong global business and management approaches. Whether you want to start your own business, join your family business or climb the corporate ladder, you will graduate with the skills, knowledge and perception to lead changes wherever you are.

We at MRC, strive hard to develop tomorrow’s global leaders – graduates with the desire to make new ideas and deal with any business challenge. Our multi-ethnic community provides you with the access to a plethora of contacts for the future.

For some students the course is fully funded by the Student Loan Company, this facility is only available to UK and other EU students. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: +44 20 8556 5009

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