Shape Your Future

Shape your future with our Higher Education

Here at Mont Rose College, we have created a reputable brand for Higher Education offering a unique learning environment, situated in the heart of Ilford, London.

Mont Rose College provides quality teaching and tailored student support. Our passionate tutors have recognition within the industry, and we value and teach our students in small groups – providing an outstanding level of support for all our learners.

With a firm commitment to student success and progression, Mont Rose College holds strong connections with academic and professional examining bodies. MRC ensures delivery of quality from the very first day, and students not only walk out with an industry recognized qualification, but the transferable skills needed to succeed and secure employment for the future.

As a provider of Higher Education, Mont Rose College is committed to lifelong learning. We work with an extensive range of student bodies, ranging from adult learners to school leavers seeking Higher Education.

Our dedicated Admissions Team offers students career advice and guidance ensuring student career plans are at the forefront so that they can unleash their full potential. This includes a range of preparatory courses designed to give learners a platform to access Higher Education.