Community Engagement

At Mont Rose College we take pride in our acts for Community Service and Engagement. We try our best to bring our local communities together for causes bigger than us. As a higher education provider, we believe it is our duty to teach our students more than what’s in their textbooks because the greatest knowledge of all is value. The value of our students, our communities, and critical causes hold a special place in our hearts.

We actively strive to organise events targeted to engage our communities. Have a look at our previous events below and find out exactly what we have done to help!

Redbridge Green Fair

Redbridge Green Fair was arranged at Valentines Park on Sunday 29th May, 2016; the event was sponsored by Mont Rose College. The reason for Mont Rose College, organising the Redbridge Green Fair this year is to bring the community together and to promote the feeling of being greener. Also, it was a fantastic opportunity for a family day out as the weather was nice and warm. There were different types of food for the public to try, stalls to purchase souvenirs, jewellery, clothes, etc. It is an event full of inspiration and everyone enjoyed it. As being part of the event Mont Rose College also had a stall and also its students volunteered their services for the event which included marshalling, guiding public and manning the college stall.

One of our staff members had shared her experience and thoughts on the event.

“We had around 3000 cottons recycled Mont Rose College bags for the people who attended the event. On our stall we also had around 400 packets of different free vegetables and flower seeds to give away as an environmental benefit. People who came to our stall had the chance to choose from the seeds which they’d liked and also inquired about the college.
Our volunteers were divided in different time slots so we had enough throughout the day. Some were helping the organisers of the event and others did some brand awareness by approaching people and enlightening about the college. Our volunteers were highly enthusiastic about their tasks and encouraged others to join the college. Many people who attended the event showed interest in the courses we offer by providing their contact details for further information. Though it was bit windy, we had a great time and the best part was that, almost everyone who attended event walked away with Mont Rose College bags.”

Black History Month

Every October, Black History Month is celebrated internationally. This month is dedicated to teaching and learning about the true history of African ancestries. Mont Rose College set out to be one of the very first places of Education within East London to branch out and publicly celebrate Black History Month.

We had taken the initiative to display our Mont Rose House campus and our entrances with Pan-African flags and colours which originated in 1920. The green within the colours stand for the natural wealth of Africa; the Black symbolises Black people, the red portraying the bloodshed for liberation and unity, whilst the yellow representing the sun. We actively showed our support by hanging Pan-African coloured balloons and banners to raise awareness of Black History Month.

A statement was given by a member of staff at Mont Rose College

“As a place of education, we must teach all forms of History, especially Black History, as this helps young people of colour establish their ethnic identities. We want to provide a diverse and welcoming learning environment to all of our students, therefore knowing the upmost importance of why we celebrate Black History Month is a priority to us.”

We did not stop there; we continued then to arrange Online Zoom activities through our Student Union further to develop our student’s knowledge about Black History Month and initiate conversations around the subject.

Mont Rose College has set out to create change and influence diversity within all forms of our education system. This form of inclusivity is set out to create positive examples within the community and the educational sector as a whole.