Top Up Courses

What is a Top-up Degree?

A Top-up degree is equal to the final year of an undergraduate degree. Top up degrees are aimed at students who have already completed high-level qualifications, and want to upgrade their qualification to the level of a full-time Bachelor degree. It is usually a one-year course and enables students develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a specific field while also obtaining an internationally-recognised qualification.

If you have successfully completed an HND or Foundation degree, a top-up degree can be a brilliant way to boost your existing qualifications and open up new career prospects. With only one year of study, you have an opportunity to graduate with a full honours degree. Although an HND or a Foundation degree is an outstanding qualification in itself, depending on your career aims, you may consider studying a further more for a BA/BSc degree to experience further possibilities now or in the future.

Topping-up your qualification with a relevant top up course will help improve your skills in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Discussion and debate
  • Time management
  • Planning and preparing
  • Researching
  • Strategic management

Top Up Courses— Upgrade your qualification and your career

There are many different routes into higher education, each depending on what qualifications you have, and at which level. Top-up degrees are the final year of an undergraduate degree. Topping up your current qualification to an Honours degree has many benefits. By pursuing a top-course, it will help you demonstrate to potential employers that you have all the essential skills including academic, management and organisational skills for your chosen career. It will eventually open doors to myriad career opportunities for you.

Whatever field you want to study, you can be certain that a top up degree course will train you in the core, market-specific knowledge for the industry within which you want to stand out. For instance, if you have a Hospitality foundation degree and want to top up this degree to International Hospitality Management, you will learn about strategic management from the perspective of  from real-world professionals.

Achieve Your Ambitions: Why choose MRC for your Top-Up Degree?

Whatever you’re choosing to do, providing you meet our entry requirements, there’s a course at Mont Rose College to help you climb the academic ladder. An education at Mont Rose College is an experience like no other. But, what makes us unique and different from others? Well, we believe it isn’t only one thing— it’s a combination of many things that will make your degree from MRC valuable for a life time! Mont Rose College is a place to study for students from all across the world. Studying with colleagues from diverse backgrounds helps to engage in real-working practises and creates new perspectives in debates and discussions. You will achieve understanding and skills of both national and international industry. These will prepare you for your career, no matter where in the world you want to settle to work within a true multidisciplinary and cross-cultural environment.

The range of top up courses offered at MRC gives you an opportunity to tailor your learning based on your interests and career goals. This will help you develop expertise in dedicated areas, to or expand their understanding of chosen field to open up a wide range of career opportunities. You’ll widen and strengthen the knowledge you have already achieved from working experience in the industry or prior study at Higher National Diploma (HND) level (or relevant), and have the opportunity to enhance your general business knowledge.

  • We are one of London’s most successful colleges with consistently high success rates.
  • We provide in-depth knowledge and a hands-on approach.
  • We deliver top-class facilities and amenities.
  • We have an accessible location.
  • We help and motivate you to aim higher.
  • We have a team of expert and highly qualified staff with years of industry experience.
  • We are a safe and welcoming college— your health, wellbeing and safety are our priority!
  • Our degree courses and programmes are a great stepping stone for university

We pride ourselves to offer you the best college experience and support possible. If you’re considering a Top-up degree, then you’re thinking about your future and where your ambitions can take you. We are fully committed to assisting you to lead and achieve your dream career, developing your skills, knowledge and experience so you’re successful in your desired field.

If you want to know more about the top-up courses, its entry requirements, tuition fees or any other detail, contact us today!

Students on this course may be fully funded by the Student Loan Company.This facility is only available to UK and other European Union students. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: +44 20 8556 5009

Make Your Qualifications Worth More with MRC’s Top Up Courses

Top up courses enable students to top-up the existing qualification to a degree-level qualification. Top-up degrees are ideal to advance your career and be a stepping stone to future higher educations. MRC offers following top up courses in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University:

Top-up in Accounting and Finance

Mont Rose College’s Top-up course in accounting and finance is especially designed to enable students to build existing qualifications and experiences, converting them into a rewarding honours degree. Building on a relevant foundation degree qualification, this dynamic one year Honours degree will give an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills for a better future career in the commercial and professional world of accounting and finance. Having a good understanding of accounting and finance is a plus today in any profession, and this course will extend your knowledge of the principles and practice of this field.

During this course, you’ll develop practical knowledge of business, adding up proficiency in accounting and finance with flexible professional and managerial strategies. This top-up course contains dedicated modules that cover strategic management accounting, financial reporting analysis and international financial management. MRC’s top-up course in accounting and finance offers a great foundation for jobs in government, banking, insurance firm, finance and general business leadership. If you are already working in business and want to get a strong knowledge of accounting, or want to pursue a career in finance, this top up courses can be an ideal choice.

Top-up in Business Management

If you have set your mind on a career in management, studying business management offers a brilliant starting point, offering the prospect to improve your practical skills and develop links with the business community. A business management course gives you a critical understanding of the overall management of organizations in a holistic way. Pursing Top-up in Business Management provides you the benefit of the opportunity to earn Honours degree level expertise in just one-year of study. This top-up course is dedicated to the provision of skills and understanding that will boost your employability in a business management environment.

At Mont Rose College, we help you develop key managerial skills and perspectives while attaining beneficial experience in different management situations. It provides a solid foundation for a wide range of employment opportunities and can also provide a stepping stone to further higher education. With an experienced teaching team, close industry links, and several opportunities to develop management skills that are relevant to the workplace. Study specialist modules cover human resources, marketing strategy, and management accounting. MRC’s business management top-up course is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their existing qualifications (at Higher National Diploma level or relevant) into a full honours degree.

Top-up in International Hospitality Management

If you want to mix your passion of travel and tourism with making sure guests get an unforgettable experience, Mont Rose College’s International Hospitality Management Top-up degree course will help you pursue your dream and aspirations in this fast-growing industry. It develops students with the essential managerial knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s challenging and dynamic international hospitality industries.

MRC’s top-up in International Hospitality Management is especially designed for students who have already finished an HND, foundation degree, or relevant international qualification in hospitality management. You will develop your ability to analyse, evaluate and apply your expertise in innovative ways. The core of the course emphasizes on strategic management subjects explained in the context of hospitality and on research approaches, with proficient academic support. During the course, you will improve your pitching and communication skills, and broaden your knowledge to develop a rewarding career in this dynamic industry. This course comes with a good mix of international students, letting you with the ideal opportunity to improve your intercultural understanding and skill, sharing experiences from across the world.

Students on this course may be fully funded by the Student Loan Company.This facility is only available to UK and other European Union students. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: +44 20 8556 5009

Top-up in Business Management

Top-up in Business Management | Mont Rose College

Top-up in Accounting and Finance

Top-up in Accounting and Finance | Mont Rose College

Top-up in BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

Top-up in BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management | Mont Rose College

Top-Up in BA (Hons) Integrated Health & Social Care

Top-Up in BA (Hons) Integrated Health & Social Care | Mont Rose College