Event Calendar 2024

Semester Start:

15th January 2024

Semester End:

28th March 2024

January 2024

Induction Day – Mont Rose House  09th January 2024
Induction Day – Shakespeare House 15th January 2024
Start Promoting The Angel Competition 15th January 2024
Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) Induction Day 23rd, 30th January & 02nd February 2024
BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year 23rd January 2024
BA (Hons) Business Management (L6 Entry Top Up) 23rd January 2024
DET ITE Framework Workshop for Students 23rd January 2024
HSBC Workshop (How to Stand Out) (How to be the Best You) 24th January 2024
Job Search/CV Surgery – Mont Rose House 24th January 2024
DET Seminar - Pathways 25th January 2024
Student Feedback Surgery 29th January to 9th February 2024
BA (Hons) Integrated Health & Social Care (L6 Entry Top Up) 30th January 2024
Entrepreneurship Hub 30th, 31st January 2024 01st February 2024
Job Search/CV Surgery – Shakespeare House 31st January 2024

February 2024

BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management (L6 Entry Top Up) 02nd February 2024
RCNi Nursing Careers Job Fair - Novotel London West  02nd February 2024
The London Job Show - London Westfield Stratford 02nd February 2024
Guest Speaker – Hospitality Management 07th February 2024
Planning Social Media Campaign 08th February 2024
DET CV Surgery Job Search/CV Surgery 8th &13th & 27th Feb 2024
The Angel Competition Application Deadline 09th February 2024
BM – Work Place Visit 12th February 2024
Hospitality Skilled Work Shop - (Front Office) 13th & 16th February 2024
Valentine’s Day 14th February 2024
Digital Marketing Workshop 15th February 2024
Post DET Pathways Fair 15th February 2024
HSBC Workshop (Kick Start Your Finances) 20th February 2024
World Cancer Day – Online Talk 23rd February 2024
Data Security- handling and Safeguarding Hospitality - Work Place Visit Guest Speaker – Business Marketing 27th February 2024
LinkedIn Workshop 29th February & 7th March 2024
DET Motivational Speaker TBC
Motivational Speaker (Hospitality, Business Marketing and Health & Social Care) TBC
HND visit to Care Home TBC

March 2024

Skill Building Workshop -  4th & 5th March 2024
Field Trip (Hospitality) 06th March 2024
Eric’s Careers Online Talks 08th March 2024
Job Search/CV Surgery - Shakespeare 12th March 2024
HSBC Workshop (How to be the Best You) & (Introducing to Investing)  14th March 2024
Workshop - First Aid, drugs, managing minor injuries at home 19th March 2024
Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Event 25th March 2024
Autism and Stress Awareness Month TBC
DET Guest speaker TBC
Top-up Visit to Buckinghamshire New University TBC
Easter Easter Break from 29th March to 26th April 2024

April 2024

National Stalking Awareness Week TBC
Student Induction – MRC & BNU  TBC
Alumni Event TBC

Semester Start:

7th May 2024

Semester End:

19th July 2024

May 2024

Job Search/CV Surgery - Shakespeare  08th May 2024
H&SC Job Show - Westfield London 10th May 2024
Local Business Week 13th - 17th May 2024
Job Search CV Surgery 13th May 2024
Business Brunch Workshop (inviting local businesses to exhibit and share their thoughts) 14th May 2024
HSBC Workshop (Borrowing Money & Understanding Interest) (Managing Your Outgoings)  15th May 2024
College Careers Fair 22nd May 2024
Planning Social Media Campaign 30th May 2024
Mental Health Awareness Month TBC
Motivational Speaker TBC
Introduction to Hospitality TBC

June 2024

Digital Marketing Workshop  6th June 2024
Summer BBQ  6th June 2024
Multicultural Day  6th June 2024
The Angel Competition -  11th June 2024
Job Search CV Surgery  12th & 17th June 2024
DET Employability Seminar  13th June 2024
HSBC Workshop (Banking Lowdown) (Moving Out Home)  18th and 28th June 2024
Research Conference  19th June 2024
Hospitality Skilled Work Shop (Food & Beverage)  TBC
Bake Off  TBC

July 2024

Student BBQ  9th July 2024
Alumni Event  16th July 2024

August 2024

Summary Break  22nd July – 5th September 2024

Semester Start:

9th September 2024

Semester End:

29th November 2024

September 2024

MRC and BNU Induction Week  TBC
Student Feedback Surgery  23rd to 27th September 2024
Hospitality Field Trip  TBC

October 2024

Digital Marketing Workshop  03rd October 2024
Planning Social Media Campaign  09th October 2024
Hospitality Skilled Work Shop  TBC
Guest/Motivation Speaker – Business, Hospitality & Healthcare Practice (Healthcare Management)  TBC
Graduation (HND & DET)  TBC
Flower Therapy  TBC
Macmillan Coffee  TBC

November 2024

London Careers Fair  TBC
Job Search Surgery  TBC
Passion4Hospitality  TBC
The London Business Show  TBC
Christmas & Funfair  TBC

December 2024

Winter Holidays  2nd to 31st December 2024