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A Guide to Study in the UK in 2023

Studying abroad is the dream for every individual nowadays, and they search for numerous colleges and universities worldwide to choose the best-suited one. guide to study Likewise, many individuals opted to study in the UK which can be a rewarding experience due to its world-class education system, rich cultural diversity and numerous academic opportunities. Here is a step-by-step guide to studying in the UK in 2023.  Choose a Course and Institution A thorough research is essential to search for the desired course. Start researching the different courses offered by Colleges and Universities based on your budget, interest, future scope or ... Read more

Five reasons to choose MRC College for your higher education

Security in Learning with us   You may rest assured that your education is safe with us. We have been able to retain consistency in the level of education we deliver to our students because we are certified by Pearson, the UK’s leading awarding body. Mont Rose College Every student wants to feel secure in the knowledge that they will be able to get a solid job in the future. Employers’ primary objective is to recruit people with a qualifying degree to determine whether you are an ideal hire. Most employers will refuse to allow you to enter their workplace ... Read more

Topic: Why are diploma courses a popular choice among students?

Why are diploma courses a popular choice among students?   Considering why students are interested in the Diploma courses on a larger scale is interesting because diploma courses are structured vocational and professional qualification-based learnings. These courses are helping for the training in the specific fields and making the students more professionals. This is the biggest reason for attracting students who want professional training. Diploma courses are the easiest way to grab earning opportunities after professional training.  Examining student interest in Diploma courses becomes crucial due to the structured vocational and professional qualifications these programs provide. The specialised training in ... Read more

Mont Rose College’s Participation in Ilford Green Action Day: Supporting Businesses and Community

Introduction: On 16th August 2023, Mont Rose College actively participated in Ilford’s Green Action Day, a community-driven initiative to promote environmental awareness and foster a cleaner, greener urban environment. The college’s involvement primarily centred around supporting local businesses and community organisations in Ilford, focusing on the VHP Hindu Centre and Vine Court Church. Through collaborative efforts, volunteers from Mont Rose College and various other entities undertook gardening and litter-picking activities, contributing to the overall improvement of the local surroundings. Participants: Approximately seven dedicated volunteers from Mont Rose College were joined by participants from various organisations, including HSBC, Barclays Bank, Exchange ... Read more

5 Ways Diploma Courses Can Enhance Your Career Growth

Pursuing diploma courses has become increasingly popular in today’s competitive job market, where skills and qualifications play a pivotal role in career advancement. Diploma courses offer specialised training in various fields, allowing individuals to acquire practical skills and knowledge that can significantly enhance their career growth. This blog will explore five ways diploma courses can positively impact your professional journey.     Develops specialised skills   One of the most compelling reasons to consider enrolling in a diploma course is the opportunity to acquire specialised skills. Unlike traditional degree programs that often provide a broader overview of a subject, diploma ... Read more

Graduate Schemes

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Graduate Schemes – As we approach a time in the academic year where students are settling into their studies, recent graduates may want to look into applying for graduate roles. To make life easier for Mont Rose College graduates, we have collated some of the best graduate schemes going. We will cover roles that are relevant to the fields we specialise in here at MRC and will give students as much information as is available, including requirements and deadlines. Firstly, for our Health and Social Care Management students, we would like to suggest the NHS graduate schemes. The NHS is ... Read more

London Gems

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What are the things that come to your mind when you think London Gems? The capital of England (and not only), a stunning city, history… the list is probably endless. Where would you take your guests if they come to visit London? Let us guess… Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye… Great choice, but how about seeing some hidden gems of London, that not many guidebooks would even mention? Lewisham Phone Box Library Right in the middle of a pavement along one of South London’s busiest road is the world’s smallest library. When the mobile phones era arrived, instead of ... Read more

How to budget at University

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Being a student is hard enough but being a broke student? budget at University Hell, on earth! So, how do you save money while at uni? Let us tell you the three most important things all students should be doing. First of all, sort out where your money is kept. Instead of having a standard current account switch to a student bank account, because majority of them offer plenty of perks, such as interest free overdrafts, railcards, Amazon Prime memberships etc! Make sure you open an account with a bank that meets your needs best, as all of them provide ... Read more

Freshers Survival Guide

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One of the best things about starting University is the Freshers Survival Guide, a week of your life that you will never forget… well, maybe a little. What is the Fresher’s Week exactly? Technically, it’s supposed to be a week of networking, joining societies and meeting new people at Uni events… but unofficially, the Fresher’s Week is a full, straight week of partying, pre-drinks and hitting the clubs. Some words of advice, though. First of all, before you do anything – unpack! As tempting as it sounds to just “do it later”, I promise you, you will not have time. ... Read more

All about Health and Social Care Degree

What is the Health and Social Care Degree? Health and Social Care Degree is an innovative degree programme that has been designed to help the students respond to many current and future challenges that health and social care system may face. These qualifications are work-related and combine technical skills, workplace skills, academic knowledge and employability. Health and social care is a wide service sector that is undergoing rapid changes in terms of gaining higher recognition among other sectors. This degree provides a sound and clear understanding of health and social care policy. The programme aims at building and enhancing skills ... Read more