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The Strengths and Limitations of a Range of Assessment Methods

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The Strengths and Limitations of a Range of Assessment Methods with Reference to the Needs of Individual Learners The most frequent method of assessment in my ESOL teaching practice has been the written or oral tests. I have been using different types of tests, such as: Multiple choice Transformation Gap-filling Matching True / False Open questions Error correction Dictation Audio – Listening Comprehension A whole class discussion, brainstorm Simulation – Role play My area of teaching – ESOL – requires me to check 4 different skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I usually take my teaching materials from Teacher’s Book ... Read more

Benefits of Social Media for Small Hotels

Social Media (SM) is growing substantially and now hotels are using it more than ever to engage with both new and existing customers. Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are the most popular sites used by hotels. However, small business sector has been slow to enter social media world. Small hotels are better placed than other hotels as they do not need to invest a lot if the hotel owner is managing the online presence. An increase in online reputation will allow the organisation to increase its prices without compromising on market share. Currently, more than 4.5 billion people now use the ... Read more

The responsibilities of the assessors

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There is a range of responsibilities, e.g. to the student, the employer, the organisation. There are practical responsibilities as well, such as planning, managing and delivering assessment. My main responsibility in our organisation Mont Rose College is to plan, prepare, manage and deliver assessments to the candidates who have come to apply for one of our numerous courses like HND courses, Top Up courses, Teacher Training Qualification. I am in charge of marking the Diagnostics tests and giving Feedback to the applicants – Feedback is both written (on the paper work) and oral (while explaining the candidates why they have failed the test or greeting them for passing the exam with flying colours). These tests have been scanned, ... Read more

London Gems

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What are the things that come to your mind when you think London? The capital of England (and not only), a stunning city, history… the list is probably endless. Where would you take your guests if they come to visit London? Let us guess… Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye… Great choice, but how about seeing some hidden gems of London, that not many guidebooks would even mention? Lewisham Phone Box Library Right in the middle of a pavement along one of South London’s busiest road is the world’s smallest library. When the mobile phones era arrived, instead of getting ... Read more

How to budget at University

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Being a student is hard enough but being a broke student? Hell, on earth! So, how do you save money while at uni? Let us tell you the three most important things all students should be doing. First of all, sort out where your money is kept. Instead of having a standard current account switch to a student bank account, because majority of them offer plenty of perks, such as interest free overdrafts, railcards, Amazon Prime memberships etc! Make sure you open an account with a bank that meets your needs best, as all of them provide a variety of ... Read more

Freshers Survival Guide

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One of the best things about starting University is the Fresher’s Week, a week of your life that you will never forget… well, maybe a little. What is the Fresher’s Week exactly? Technically, it’s supposed to be a week of networking, joining societies and meeting new people at Uni events… but unofficially, the Fresher’s Week is a full, straight week of partying, pre-drinks and hitting the clubs. Some words of advice, though. First of all, before you do anything – unpack! As tempting as it sounds to just “do it later”, I promise you, you will not have time. Fresher’s ... Read more

What Is an HND versus HNC?

What is HNC? HNC stands for Higher National Certificate, and is a vocational, work-related higher education course. It is a BTEC level 4 qualification and an embedded component of the HND (Higher National Diploma) course. It can, however, be also taken as a stand-alone degree. This qualification is awarded by Pearson Edexcel in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Advantages Of Gaining A Higher National Certificate (HNC) HNC is qualified as level 4 according to the Framework of Higher Education. Higher National Certificate is a course where you learn by doing. This course helps you gain a lot of practical skills ... Read more

What Is A Finance Degree and How Would It Help You Have A Better Future?

What Is A Finance Degree? Finance is a broad term which includes a lot of aspects. In general it refers to acquiring and handling of money. It may denote public finance, corporate finance and also personal finance. It is obvious that finance plays a significant role in everyday life, and it will never become obsolete, as people will never stop using finances and funds. An undergraduate degree in finance will give you basic knowledge in all the financial aspects. Advantages of Studying for a Finance Degree This course offers knowledge about two main things: the financial market and financial services. ... Read more

Business Marketing Degree and Its Advantages

What Is a Business and Marketing Degree? Business is the backbone for social, political and economic systems at all levels. Starting your higher education in business will allow you to get an insight into how the world of business works. Marketing is an essential function in every business. So when you study a for the Business and Marketing degree in a business school, you learn how to make important decision regarding prices and communicating your offer to the potential market, both – domestic and international. Advantages of Pursuing a Business and Marketing Course What will you gain from a degree ... Read more

What Is A BTEC Higher National Diploma Equivalent To?

What Is a BTEC Higher National Diploma? A BTEC Higher National Diploma is a business and technology based higher education qualification in the United Kingdom. It is part of the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework) in the UK and is an employment-related vocational course. What Is a BTEC Higher National Diploma Equivalent To? The BTEC Higher National Diplomas are level 4 and level 5internationally recognized qualifications, equal to the first and second years of a Bachelor’s Degree programme. Why Should You Choose to Study A BTEC Higher National Diploma Course? Young people know what to choose for their lives. What exactly ... Read more