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A Guide to Study in the UK in 2023

Studying abroad is the dream for every individual nowadays, and they search for numerous colleges and universities worldwide to choose the best-suited one. guide to study Likewise, many individuals opted to study in the UK which can be a rewarding experience due to its world-class education system, rich cultural diversity and numerous academic opportunities. Here is a step-by-step guide to studying in the UK in 2023.  Choose a Course and Institution A thorough research is essential to search for the desired course. Start researching the different courses offered by Colleges and Universities based on your budget, interest, future scope or ... Read more

Five reasons to choose MRC College for your higher education

Security in Learning with us   You may rest assured that your education is safe with us. We have been able to retain consistency in the level of education we deliver to our students because we are certified by Pearson, the UK’s leading awarding body. Mont Rose College Every student wants to feel secure in the knowledge that they will be able to get a solid job in the future. Employers’ primary objective is to recruit people with a qualifying degree to determine whether you are an ideal hire. Most employers will refuse to allow you to enter their workplace ... Read more

Topic: Why are diploma courses a popular choice among students?

Why are diploma courses a popular choice among students?   Considering why students are interested in the Diploma courses on a larger scale is interesting because diploma courses are structured vocational and professional qualification-based learnings. These courses are helping for the training in the specific fields and making the students more professionals. This is the biggest reason for attracting students who want professional training. Diploma courses are the easiest way to grab earning opportunities after professional training.  Examining student interest in Diploma courses becomes crucial due to the structured vocational and professional qualifications these programs provide. The specialised training in ... Read more

5 Ways Diploma Courses Can Enhance Your Career Growth

Pursuing diploma courses has become increasingly popular in today’s competitive job market, where skills and qualifications play a pivotal role in career advancement. Diploma courses offer specialised training in various fields, allowing individuals to acquire practical skills and knowledge that can significantly enhance their career growth. This blog will explore five ways diploma courses can positively impact your professional journey.     Develops specialised skills   One of the most compelling reasons to consider enrolling in a diploma course is the opportunity to acquire specialised skills. Unlike traditional degree programs that often provide a broader overview of a subject, diploma ... Read more

What are the Benefits of an HND Business Marketing Course and how can I use it to start a career in Business?

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The world of business is becoming extremely popular amongst students of all ages. To answer this question, let’s look at what exactly is an HND Business Marketing course and whether it has relevancy in today’s life, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying this course and ultimately answer the question: is it worth it? Who Can Study an HND Business Course? The HND Business course is open to students who have an immense interest in business within the topic you will learn the fundamentals such as business strategy, finance and marketing. The basic entry requirement to study this ... Read more

3 Reasons to Choose Mont Rose College for Your Higher Education

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Mont Rose College opened its doors in 2006 located in Ilford, East London. Mont Rose College was built on modest beginnings, starting in Leyton, East London. It has since then created a reputation for higher education with passionate, experienced teaching staff that provide an outstanding level of support for all learners. Mont Rose College today has three campuses. In 2014 Mont Rose College opened their Shakespeare House, 2016 the launch of Churchill House and 2018 the launch of Mont Rose House. To find out more information you can click on the following link: Here are a few reasons as ... Read more

Why You Must Get a Postgraduate Degree?

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The number of postgraduate degree have continued to rise in the UK. Fuller, G. (2021) states that ‘There are almost 600,000 postgraduate students in the UK, postgraduate numbers are higher than they were at the same time last year, a sign that the trend of remaining in education is set to continue’. The need to get a postgraduate qualification is becoming more and more of a necessity to students. These can be many factors such as career security, increase in job salary or being able to fulfil a personal achievement.  What are the most Popular Postgraduate Degrees? The most popular postgraduate ... Read more

A Master’s Degree Can Help Strengthen Your Career

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A Postgraduate Master’s degree in the UK is a very prestigious qualification and only those with the drive and the ambition can successfully complete it. Although it is hard to obtain it, having this qualification can open doors for you and help strengthen your career. Is a master’s degree worth it in 2022? The answer is yes, According to Smith, J. (2022) states ‘Postgraduates were also more likely to be in high-skilled employment (professional or managerial roles). For example, almost 78% of all working-age postgraduates were in high-skilled employment, compared with nearly 66% of all working age graduates’. Suggesting that ... Read more

What is the Best Master’s Degree to Peruse?

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The process in deciding which subject to study your postgraduate Master’s degree can be a daunting process. We at Mont Rose College understand this and have some suggestions to help that process go easier. According to recent data the most popular postgraduate subjects are: Business, HR and Finance, Health, Education, Legal, Social and Welfare. Which Master’s degree is the most in demand? The world of business is constantly growing and expanding. Haththotuwa, S. (2022) states that ‘71% of UK businesses say they are more profitable today than they were before the pandemic and 90% of UK businesses say they are ... Read more