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Covid-19: Role of HE providers in supporting the students and maintaining the quality and standards

Desh Sharma, M. Com. FHEA 03 Dec 2020 Introduction The UK government has approved the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine, and the start of the end of this pandemic is one of the expectations. However, its impact on all spheres of life, including social, medical, and financial, has been dramatic. The Higher Education sector has also experienced that impact, and the providers (Universities and Colleges) have faced many challenges, including the delivery, progression, and meeting the quality and standards. (BBC, 2020) Regulatory Requirements The industry regulator, Office for Students (OfS) has slimmed down the regulatory requirements and has given some freedom to the ... Read more

Roses and COVID-19

It is a hot, but quiet, tranquil and relaxing Sunday afternoon in June 2020. I am walking in Valentine’s Park in Ilford, just opposite one of Mont Rose College’s campuses – Shakespeare House. Amongst our three gorgeous campuses, this is our most beloved and cherished campus, because this is where it all started. Mont Rose College opened the front gate fourteen years ago to meet and welcome the enthusiastic, lovely, and eager to study students from all over the world. I can still hear and “see” the majority of our students after school, rushing to the park, where I am ... Read more

COVID-19 and Forty Rules of Love

The Forty Rules of Love is a novel written by Elif Shafak, a Turkish author. The book is about Maulana Jalal-ud-din Rumi and Shams Tabrizi. The book explains how Shams transformed Rumi from a scholar into a Sufi. Reading this book during the COVID lockdown made me understand love and believe in God. The writer explained in the book two parallel stories happening in different cultures and in different eras. The forty rules narrative and preached by Shams from time to time changed my perspective about life. A few of my favourite rules are: How we see God is a ... Read more

Student Finance England

Introduction Student Finance England offers excellent financial student support for eligible applicants wishing to study degree-level courses. Student Finance is the official Government funding you apply for to help you with expenses associated with Higher Education. Student Finance is available for students from the United Kingdom and the European Union. The loan from the Student Loans Company can be used for tuition fees, maintenance expenses and you may even receive not repayable grants and bursaries. The assessment of eligibility can be a complex and lengthy process, but our excellent Student Finance Support team can help you. There are different application ... Read more

How To Pave Your Own Road To Success Following The Example Of Mont Rose College’s Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men mentioned in the title are William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Sir Winston Churchill, the patrons of Mont Rose College in London. They were chosen as influential figures who pursued their dreams and thank to own determination – managed to change the course of history. This is exactly the value that Mont Rose believes in and encourages their students to follow. Dream Big – their slogan says – and you will surely be able to achieve your goals and beyond. Wise Man 1 – William Shakespeare The unquestionably greatest poet and playwright of all times, William Shakespeare ... Read more

How hard did the Covid-19 pandemic hit your Studies?

Whilst the world continues mobilizing to control the substantial spread of COVID-19, we should not lose the sight of an equally alarming issue – the traumatic long-term mental health impact the pandemic is having, and going to leave on us. As a result of an outbreak and increasing prevalence of COVID-19, we were urgently required to extensively prioritize and protect our, and others physical health by keeping the social distance, washing and sanitizing hands, wearing a mask, etc.; yet, in recent weeks, I have been led to wonder, what about our mental well-being? Has it been forgotten? If all the ... Read more

How to Stay Calm and Carry on

Covid-19 has entered our lives, uninvited, and it looks like it’s here to stay for some time… Well – not unless we keep strong and eventually kick the intruder out for good. Unable to introduce the weapon – let’s leave it to scientist and medical professionals – we can, however, develop our own means to stand against it for the sake of our own lives and sanity. First of all – don’t panic Yes, it is serious; yes – it does kill; and yes – it can reach for every single one of us. Although it is natural to fear, ... Read more