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Second National Lockdown

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If you don’t have what you like, you must like what you have. With the second lockdown in place and the days shorter and gloomier, your mood is surely far from cheerful. We cannot change the Covid situation, but maybe we will manage to plant some positive thoughts in your mind, that will help you go through the difficult times, following the Pollyanna’s philosophy: If you don’t have what you like, you must like what you have. You managed to get through the first one, you can get through this one too. First of all – you have no other ... Read more

Adult Social Care Funding

In general, Adult Social Care Funding involves the funding that is made in favor of adults of all ages, both the elderly and working adults who may be suffering from one of the issues below: Sight or hearing loss Physical or learning disabilities A mental health problem Illness The funding is meant to retain the suffering person’s independence to live the best possible quality of life. However, the payment only applies to those who are not cared for by their families, friends or neighbours, otherwise known as informal care. These in need of formal care, provided by the local authorities ... Read more

Business Plan Competition 2018

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National Careers Service workshop

An interview skills and formal wear workshop was run by two advisors from National Careers Service at Mont Rose College in order to improve our student’s interview skills and professional appearance. The aim of the workshop was to get our students involved in the expectations on the employer’s side when looking for the right applicant to a certain job not only in terms of skills but also physical appearance. The workshop helped our students in discovering key preparation techniques to perform an interview effectively, delivering convincing answers to interview questions, injecting personality into interview and making a lasting impression by ... Read more

MRC Graduation Ceremony 2017

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Student Testimonial “Every year the graduation is different, with the number of students graduating at Mont Rose College increasing. This year has proved that we are capable of pulling off a graduation on a larger scale and the furtherest distance. Having good feedback from students is all that counts when it comes to a graduation being successfully and we are very happy that our students and their guests have enjoyed themselves. There are always room for improvements, that is why we learn from all our events of what can be done better. Of course the graduation wouldn’t have been a ... Read more

5 Easy Hacks to Improve Your Study

Whether at the start of your studies or when you’re preparing for an exam, it’s important to use your study time efficiently. Modules will be loaded with deadlines, presentations and essays all focussed on different concepts and theories that require their own in-depth study. So, be sure to check out our top study tips below to help cut down on time, remember your notes and keep on top of all of the work coming your way. Discuss Work in a Group of Colleagues When faced with having to learn many different topics, you may be drawn to certain ideas more ... Read more

College offers career advice pre-enrolment

Student says admissions team talked him through the course he would be studying and the types of jobs it could lead to Many students are confused about the pathways into Higher Education and the career routes different courses provide. Mont Rose College is paving its way to ensure students receive the right careers information, advice & guidance before enrolling on a course. One student, called Moses, is currently studying Hospitality Management and praised the college for its support pre-enrolment. He said “It’s a nervous time for a student to commit two to three years of their life to higher education, ... Read more