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What Do I need to study to become a teacher in the UK?

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Teaching is a very popular field to enter in the UK, Become a Teacher in the UK,  for example, this year more than 79,000 vacancies were recorded in the first seven months. These vacancies increased in both primary and secondary schools. (Universities UK. 2022). But the main question is ‘What do I need to study to Become a Teacher in the UK? What Qualifications do I need in becoming a teacher? The route to becoming a teacher is not easy. In order to teach in a state school in the UK you need to have a degree and gain a ... Read more

What is it to be a teacher?

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I have been a teacher for more than 17 years back in my country Bulgaria (teaching ESOL to adults) and in the UK (teaching ESOL to adults). I intend to continue running ESOL courses as this has always been my beacon and I could not resist following it. No one can teach you to become a teacher…You need to naturally be born with the passion needed, with the heart needed, with the patience needed. Everyone can learn a subject, can go deeply through a particular science but this is far not enough for them to become teachers, to get them ... Read more

A Guided Pathway to Undergraduate Teaching Degree

Undergraduate Teaching Degree! A pathway towards a career that is highly respected by society There are certain professions that are always in demand and looked on with respect. Teaching is one of them, and the Undergraduate teaching degree is a basic qualification that can open the door for the further career progression. By pursuing the career in teaching, you do not only inspire the upcoming generation with your skills, but can also gain plenty of transferrable skills in return. Taking an active part in someone else’s growth and helping them become respectable members of a community is undoubtedly  one of ... Read more

Are you Planning to Retrain as a Teacher? Go for It.

It’s Never too Late to Retrain as a Teacher Career change! Well, it is a big step for everybody. Before making such a decision, though, it’s always better to analyse the new career in all the possible ways. Statistically, more women than men decide on embarking for a teaching profession. There could be several reasons, such as family, kids, other responsibilities, etc. And when they decide to have a career change, women prefer to retrain as a teacher to have a stress-free and comfortable life with a good income. Most of the colleges and universities offer many teaching courses such ... Read more

What is the Scope for a Diploma in Education and Training (DET) course?

What is the DET course? Diploma in Education and Training (DET) programme is a level 5 professional course, developed and recognised by the Society for Education and Training. DET course finishes with an ‘in-service’ qualification that has been designed to provide initial teacher training as a course. The qualification is on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) as level 5 diploma and extends from investigation and research into the current practice theories and models that are related to education and training, as well as the development of good teaching system. The DET qualification programme is usually delivered as a two-year ... Read more

Teaching Degree: Where the Passion Survives

Education is a never-ending ocean that has spread its influence in a wide range, a teaching degree is an opening key to that. Teaching is one of these professions that will always be highly valued and respected due to the nature of the services it provides to society. If a person really wants to have a career in the field of education, they must obtain a teaching degree. Not only does a degree itself matter, but it is also important where it was obtained from. The manner of teaching and learning does differ from college to college. Among the best ... Read more

Mont Rose College: A New vision to Education & Teaching

We Value the difference in Education & Teaching Our UK Education System As we all know the UK education system is divided into four main parts. The first part of education begins when the kid reaches the age of 5 and will continue until the age of 11. This time is considered to be the best time to pursue primary education. At this stage, the student is allowed to learn through playing, fun and enjoyment. Thus, the chances to get exposed to theoretical knowledge are much lower. Later on, till the age of 14, the students pursue their secondary school ... Read more

How to study Teaching Courses UK?

To become a qualified educator in state-maintained schools over the UK, you have to take up Initial Teacher Training (ITT) or Initial Teacher Education (ITE). The entry in these courses is quite difficult and focused, due to the lack of subjects, for example, maths, physics, and languages. Fulfilment of ITT prompts Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England and Wales, and the Teaching Qualification (TQ) in Scotland. Some autonomous schools, foundations, and free schools won’t determine QTS or TQ as a section necessity. Step by step actions to get into Teaching Courses UK Teaching courses UK are half college driven and half ... Read more

Which is the best college to do Teaching Degree UK?

Thinking About Teaching Degree UK? Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) teacher preparing programs are an undergrad course for the individuals who might want to take after a profession in educating, and graduate with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). B.Ed. programs normally the most recent three years, and are a prevalent course for planned grade teachers. A few suppliers do offer optional level B.Ed. programs for particular specialisms. BA Teaching Degree programs join scholastic examination on grounds, where you’ll investigate the standards of educating and learning, and positions in no less than two schools to enable you to create reasonable aptitudes. Preparing program substance will ... Read more

The benefits of retraining as a teacher

Take advantage of retrain as a teacher – read these tips: For many the workload and stress of work is overwhelming and the balance of work and pleasure is all wrong. Retraining with a diploma in education and training could be the answer to making your life happier and more relaxed. The benefits of doing a top up degree to retrain as a teacher Decent pay Teaching is not ever going to be a get rich quick scheme, but teachers do earn a solid paycheque. Teachers are relatively well paid in comparison to other starting salaries and there are many ... Read more