Change is inevitable, progress is optional

The start of a new year is notoriously a time for contemplating making changes in life and Change is inevitable this may well include ruminating about your career.

So what is the biggest motivation for changing careers?

Bad boss, poor working conditions or boredom?

Research has shown that a substantial number of career changes come from a desire for job advancement. Of 10,000 people surveyed, a large number changed their jobs because they were concerned about reaching a dead end and wanted a job that offered more choice.

Another common trend in mid-life career changes is that the original path was chosen when people are young and passionate about a particular job and their optimistic expectations didn’t match up to the harsh realities. Schools these days encourage young people to think about their careers at an early stage and present exam “options” on particular subjects as early as 13 or 14 years old.

Or it could be that you fell into your current career path “by accident”- taking a job due to proximity to home or the need for a steady wage, rather than by choice. Change is inevitable Some folk follows a path in o a family firm or profession only to find that it’s not for them.

How to deal with big changes in life?

It could well be that the job you are in doesn’t match the natural abilities and interests that emerged as you advanced in years. The good news is that you’re never too old to consider a move into accountancy.

If you are worried about how employers will view your change of career, Change is inevitable, then have no fear. There is no point staying in a post that makes you miserable because you worry about looking like a “job hopper”. The best employers are looking for people who are ambitious for growth and to learn new things – they are not looking for people who are willing to “settle” long after they’ve outgrown their job role.

Industry and commerce is an ever-shifting landscape in the UK and it could be that the sector you’re in is in decline. However, the world of finance and business management – particularly accountancy – is keeping pace with change and embracing new opportunities.

If you are considering changing tack to become an accountant, or Change is inevitable maybe you are already in finance and business and thinking about a top up degree, then you clearly want to move forward. Mont Rose College in Ilford could be the best place to start.