Teaching vacancies are growing, Educate Teacher Training

The UK is experiencing a shortage of teachers. So, if you’re considering enrolling for a diploma in Educate Teacher Training, there really has never been a better time to sign up.

The UK Government has launched a range of initiatives to address a shortfall in teachers in specific subjects – especially STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) in schools and colleges. But don’t think for one minute that you aren’t going to be welcomed with open arms if your interest in teaching is from a different perspective.

How to Educate Teacher Training

Pupil numbers increasing

Educate Teacher Training – Education in general needs to attract more qualified staff, and the Government is currently looking at ways to attract more recruits.

The drive to recruit more teachers is down to the fact that the number of pupils in the UK is set to grow even larger. According to an all-party committee of MPS, by 2025 pupils in secondary schools in the UK will grow by a further half a million – to a total of around 3.3 million.

Post Brexit education emphasis

This urgency for high calibre teachers is further heightened by Brexit. Britain’s exit from the EU means it will be forced to recruit far more from the indigenous workforce. Filling professional and technology vacancies from overseas will be a great deal harder.

UK schools and colleges will need extra and far-reaching support to produce a more highly skilled cohort of leavers, in order to ensure businesses have the workforce they need to survive. To Educate Teacher Training, this to be realistic, well-motivated and knowledge-rich teachers are pivotal.

Build up career after lean years

The move to make teaching a far more supported and better-valued profession is also important as the career has received some hard knocks in recent years. The Government acknowledges that the total number of full-time secondary school teachers in the UK dropped by 10,000 between 2010 and 2015.

Many advantages to launching a teaching career in 2017

So, with greater awareness of the need to support teachers, abundant vacancies, and a chance to be part of the post-Brexit skills drive, what else could attract you to fill the gap?

A level 5 diploma in education and training is the usual route people take to becoming a qualified teacher. One of its greatest advantages is that it offers a very portable qualification, enabling you to live and work anywhere in the UK (or even overseas) once you leave college in London.

And there are few other careers offering such a family friendly working pattern.

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