The benefits of retraining as a teacher

Take advantage of retrain as a teacher – read these tips: For many the workload and stress of work is overwhelming and the balance of work and pleasure is all wrong. Retraining with a diploma in education and training could be the answer to making your life happier and more relaxed.

The benefits of doing a top up degree to retrain as a teacher

Decent pay

Teaching is not ever going to be a get rich quick scheme, but teachers do earn a solid paycheque. Teachers are relatively well paid in comparison to other starting salaries and there are many opportunities for advancement and increased pay over time.

Important benefits

Teachers also get good benefits from schools that add significant value to the job and the paycheque. With insurance and pension plans in place, teachers can benefit from a good package of benefits that are becoming less and less common in today’s society.

Enjoy educating people

For many, there is joy in educating people and helping them to develop and achieve. Finding this pleasure in work and communicating with people as they develop is far better than being stuck behind a desk all day counting down the hours.

Save on childcare

As your routine will be synced with that of the children you can more easily manage childcare, spend more time with your children and complete a full day of work too. Instead of working hard to pay a nanny, you can work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labour and the time with your kids too.

Work reasonable hours

If you’re fed up of working for 10-12 hours each day then it is time to get out. Teachers work a reasonable working day and while they start early they get to finish at 3.30pm in most cases too. Marking and other commitments can lead to the odd long day, but if you are efficient you can leave your teaching at school and enjoy your life at home.

Enjoy job security

Unlike most industries, there is a shortage of teachers that is only increasing. As an established teacher you will know that you are secure in your job and can plan and enjoy your life accordingly.

Enjoy serious holidays

With six weeks of holiday time in the summer, you can enjoy some serious time off. Retrain as a teacher with a top up degree and you’ll be rolling in time off to do what you love!