Top Master Courses that Pays You High

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Master Courses: An Outline Note 

For the past few years, Master’s Degree courses have become very popular. According to the recent education statistics, the number of people aiming for a Master’s Degree has increased tremendously. This change has occurred mainly because a Bachelor’s Degree can only increase your knowledge to a certain extent, whereas a Master’s Degree certifies your in-depth expertise of the subject and can qualify you for a higher position in your career.

The need a Master’s Degree program is growing a lot. Now, every field involves the Master’s Degree as an extended version of the study. It can be professional or academic. A professional degree is designed for employment or better growth within a given field, whereas an academic degree is intended for intellectual growth and is a step-up stone for a doctorate career.

A Master’s Degree takes usually around one to three years to complete. There are many reasons why students  opt for a master’s degree,

  • better career opportunities
  • skills and knowledge update
  • becoming more marketable for career advancement

Highest Paying Professions with Master courses

Obtaining a Master’s Degree can differentiate you from other candidates while applying for jobs and promotion at your workplace. Conceivably, the main reason for people pursuing their Master’s is to boost their salary to have a better life. A survey has shown that people with a Master’s Degree earn more than those with a Bachelor’s Degree. It is advisable, however, to perform a cost-benefit analysis before deciding on a master’s program.

Today in certain professions, the advanced degree has become mandatory. These professions include teaching, psychology and social work. Certain professions do offer the highest pay to those holding a Master’s Degree. Let’s have a look at a few of them,

1) Petroleum Engineering:

It is an industry that is always in demand as it completely depends upon the presence of petroleum. Here, the petroleum engineers are involved in exploring, inventing and producing oil and gas that can meet the energy needs. Pursuing a Master’s course in this field can get you the job placement as a petroleum geologist, reservoir engineer and production engineer.

2) Nurse Anaesthesia:

Nurse anaesthesia is a study that provides anaesthesia related care before and after medical procedures. They also provide pain management and emergency services. All the hospitals, even the in the rural areas, have nurse anaesthesia providers. These professionals are known as Nurse anaesthetist.

3) Physician Assistant:

Just like other specialist physicians, a physician assistant study provides the certification and license to be a medical practitioner. They practice medicines in healthcare teams with physicians and other providers.

4) Mathematics:

Mathematics is a door that can open any promising career path. Advanced mathematics is something which is needed in almost all fields. It is used to develop and understand mathematical principles, analysing data and resolving the real-time problems related to all disciplines.

With a mathematics Master’s Degree, you can have a career as a mathematician, software engineer, statistician, data analyst, etc.

5) Political Science:

This course focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international level. This study can lead you to the jobs at both governments as well as private sectors. You can obtain jobs as a city manager, postsecondary teacher and lobbyist.

6) Marketing:

This career deals with the marketing profession. It includes the need to create, enhance and manage the brand products or services. A marketing career can lead you to several different directions from the market research analysing to contract negotiations. You can be placed at different positions such as marketing manager, advertising/promotions manager, creative director and all other related jobs that need marketing knowledge and skills. It is an all-time demanding course.

7)Healthcare Administration:

Healthcare administrators direct the operation of hospitals, health systems and other types of organisation. They are responsible for the services, facilities, programs, staff, budgets and other management functions. The study of Healthcare Administration can lead you to the career of an executive director or a chief nursing officer.

8) Computer Science:

Today, the study of computer is required in almost every other field. The studies related to computer science is the one that can help resolve problems in a variety of business and any social related contexts. This study provides a different perspective to analyse an issue, no matter whether it is in science, engineering, business, education or entertainment. These professionals can have their career as a computer and information research analysts, scientists, software developers, etc.

9) Physical Therapy:

Physical therapists are the licensed health care professionals who help the patient by reducing their pain and improve or restore the mobility of the joints. These people provide services to prevent expensive surgeries and often help reduce the intake of long-term medication.

Physical therapists work in rehabilitation centres to give exercise training to the patients after their surgeries, to speed up the process of their recovery.

10) Information System:

It is a study that applies computer information to the workplace and management. It is used to manage, support and protect the massive amount of information. This study can lead to the career of an information technology manager, software engineer, system analyst, etc.

11) Finance:

We can also consider finance studies to be a never-ending career, as every business needs a finance person to maintain finance related issues. A Master’s Degree in Finance can get you a job in corporate and international financial management, personal financial planning and investment services. You can work as a finance director, finance manager, financial analyst, etc.

12) Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is the study that leads to the career in construction. It can get you the opportunity to design and maintain the public work that involves building roads, bridges, dams, etc. Civil engineers can be offered jobs related to public facilities like ports, airports, railway stations, etc. It is a challenging and rewarding profession. The completion of Master’s course in  this field can get you the career of a civil engineer, structural engineer, project manager, etc.

A Master’s Degree in the above discussed fields can get you a highly paid job. Thus, it is always better to analyse the field in all the sense before pursuing your Master’s course.