Consumer Protection Act 1987

To ensure the compliance with Consumer Protection Act 1987 and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, Montrose College of Management and Sciences (The College):

  • Will provide the candidates with the information they need to make an informed decision before they apply for admission ,for example (but without limitation):
    1. Introduce to course content and structure (Offer letter, Induction package, Students’ handbook)
    2. Inform about the tuition fees and if there will be any additional fees, associated with the course, like registration fees, equipment or other fees. (Offer letter, Induction package, Students’ Handbook).
    3. Inform the student about the course transfer procedures
    4. Introduce to Rules and Regulations that students are bound by, like Attendance Policy; the Rules of Withdrawing or Suspending studies; Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policies; Academic Ethics and Integrity Policy; rules with regard to disabled people; Disciplinary Policy; Anti-bullying policy; Prevent Duty, ext.(student handbook, Mont Rose College website)
    5. Will introduce to all other relevant Policies and Processes, like the Student Welfare Policy, Students chaplaincy arrangements, ext. (Student handbook, Mont Rose College website)
    6. Inform about all available facilities (student handbook, Mont Rose College website, open/ induction days)
    7. Ensure that information, provided to prospective and current students is accurate, clear, unambiguous and timely.
    8. Inform the candidates before, or at the latest when, offering an admission to the student of any changes, which includes course information and costs, changes to cancelation rights, course or institution transfer procedures or complaints handling.
    9. Give prospective students notice of their 14-day right to cancel. The withdrawal form should be completed and submitted to the Admission Department within 14 days from the start of the course in order for the student to be eligible for a refund.
  • Will ensure that the students have a full access to the College’s Rules and Regulations, that all changes, implied by Law or the College’s Management will be reflected in the College’s policies and available for students’ information.
  • Where the College expect some things to change after an offer is accepted, will ensure that the whole information about the change is provided to the student promptly, so that the student can agree to this or be advised how to proceed if the student is not happy about the change.
  • Where any contractual term allows changes to the pre-contract information, will ensure that it is fair and balanced under unfair terms legislation.
  • Will ensure that the complaints handling processes are fair and transparent. The Students Complaints’ policies and The Students’ Academic Policy are continuously accessible through Mont Rose College website and Students’ Handbook.
  • Will ensure that the students are informed that they have a right to escalate their complaint to an external scheme such as the OIA, if they are not happy with the outcome of the complaint.
  • Will ensure that the staff is fully trained and aware of their roles and responsibilities according to the Company’s Policies and Procedures.

To ensure the compliance with Consumer Protection Act 1987 and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, Montrose College of Management and Sciences will not:

  • Apply in any way academic sanctions for the purpose of obtaining monies from the student owed to MRC ,which are not tuition fee debts

For the purpose of the above undertaking:

“Academic sanctions” includes preventing graduation, suspension, and progression, withholding a student’s results, refusing tuition or access to facilities that are critical to study.

  • Apply or recommend any term in any contract with students, which requires the student to incur additional course costs and which has not been notified to the student in their offer letter.
  • Restrict the access to Student Complaint Policies and Procedures for those students, who are in debt to the College for tuition fees.

The College does not accept any liability (save for liability that cannot be excluded by law) for any consequential losses that actually result or may result from any breach of this policy