Founder’s Welcome Message

A message from our Founder

“Mont Rose College offers a truly dynamic and diverse learning environment set in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, London.”

Principle | Mont Rose College

Mont Rose College is the foundation for your better future, where each student is valued, and your education is nurtured. We provide a truly dynamic and diverse learning environment in the heart of one of the greatest cities, London. We provide an inspiring and well-resourced environment to help students shape their future through higher education.

All our staff are committed to ensuring that you excel in your chosen programme by supporting you from the very first day with enthusiastic teaching and well-chosen resources. We understand that every student is unique and special in their own way and our committed support structure will help you succeed and turn your career ambition into reality. We aim to educate and motivate the next generation of global pioneers. You are our future, and we believe in you.

Mont Rose College courses thrive on student diversity and an innovative learning experience. Our courses will stretch your mind and enhance your perspectives, helping you to build, recognize and enhance your skills. We support our local community with our range of programme including Higher National Diplomas, Top-up degree programmes and full degrees.

We are proud of our student progression routes and our partnerships with awarding bodies and are particularly pleased at our collaboration with New Buckinghamshire University, an innovative HEI  in Greater London. Through them, we have introduced full degree programmes, which allow us to increase the educational opportunities we provide for our learners.

Why not visit us and find out why Mont Rose College is the place for a better future, for academic progression, for building relationships and for career development. We invest in our students for their better future. I look forward to welcoming you soon. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

Bilal Sheikh

Founder & CEO