MRC Marketing Team

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Mr Ahmar Adnan

Analyst Programmer

Being part of the Mont Rose Family for years now, as an experienced Business Analyst and Analyst Programmer, with a passion for create work to exceeding standards, attention to detail and demonstrated history of work. Alongside Project Manager for software implementations and leading Mont Rose Digital strategy and managing Data.

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Ms Fida Khalid

Social Media Analyst

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Mr Umair Shahzad

Data Analyst

Working as Data Analyst at Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences since 2019, utilizing my in-depth knowledge and experience to identify various factual information and ensure the highest quality and accuracy of data for processing to external bodies for compliance purposes and to present to the management for better decision making, Assisting towards the implementation of Access and Participation Plan also Managing National Students Survey and Graduate Outcomes Survey.

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Professor Monty De Le Rose

Marketing Assistant

Professor Monty is a key member of staff at Mont Rose College. He holds crucial responsibilities by maintaining student prosperity and patrolling the corridors of Mont Rose House campus… In hopes of some treats and cuddles!

His extensive professional experience aside, Professor Monty takes pride in his haircare and appearance, ensuring to look as dapper as the day before!