Privacy Policy

MRC takes all security measures


The policy states and explains how MRC and its subsidiaries fulfil their commitment of protecting your privacy in terms of maintaining the security of any kind of personal information we receive. The terms of this policy detail how and when we use your personal information and/or that of the other parties as the case may be.

Our policies may change from time to time and we shall keep our website updated with the latest set of policies. When you become a student or recipient of any service of MRC or its subsidiaries, you are deemed to have agreed to abide by the terms of this policy as updated from time to time.

Contents of policy

The terms of this policy are only relevant to those aspects of the MRC’s activities that affect your personal information.

Information Collected

We do not store or capture any personal information save that which is collected by our website through online registration forms, enquiry forms, your incoming emails containing your details and whenever we request additional information to complete examination bookings.

Your personal information may be disclosed to the Home Office or any interested government agency to discharge our legal duties or to conform to the Home Office regulatory framework.


Most websites have cookies; small text files created automatically whenever you browse such a site. A cookie is stored in the cookie directory of the browser’s computer. Likewise, permanent and session cookies are created when you browse our website. A permanent cookie, which remains in your system after you have left the website, stores a random number in your computer to determine how frequently a given browser visits our website. A session cookie expires when you exit our website or when you switch off your computer and allows us to know which specific pages in our site the browser has visited.

None of the cookies are designed for or capable of collecting your personal information or identifying any individual user.

However, should a browser wish to disallow cookies operating in his/her computer, they may adjust browsing settings to disable the automatic downloading facility.


MRCMS takes all measures – physical, organisational and technological – that can reasonably be taken in the circumstances to safeguard and ensure no unauthorised access takes place to your personal information. There are measures, for instance, to restrict access to email communications to intended recipients of MRCMS and their suppliers and measures to ensure the storage facility of your personal information is safe. However, given the fact that the internet is not an entirely secure medium and therefore not completely free from risks, it is acknowledged that as is the case with any other website the absolute privacy of personal information cannot be guaranteed.