Students’ Fee Policy

This document is the Policy of Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences (The College), which outlines the actions and procedures that will be followed with regards to student fees/debts and sanctions applied in the events of non-payment.

If a student is expecting a refund or compensation, he/she should refer to the Refund and Compensation Policy

All students are treated equally and fairly in relation to the payment of fees and other procedures stated in this document.

‘Tuition Fees’ are defined as a charge for tuition and use of academic facilities and payable to Mont Rose College.

A Student is defined as any person, currently or previously enrolled at Mont Rose College on a study programme which may or may not lead to an award or qualification.


1. Each student is personally liable for the payment of their tuition fees, registration and other sundry expenses.

2. Sundry charges are any fees owed to the College, other than tuition fees. Examples of sundry charges are charges for lost books, computer printing, and registration fee (Students Handbook)

3. Where the student’s tuition fees are paid by a parent/ partner/ friend/ relative, it is classed as self-funding; therefore the person, paying tuition fees on behalf of a student will have no right to request a refund at any time during or after the course but any claims must come through the student.

4. Any student experiencing difficulties paying tuition fees, must speak with the College’s Finance Department immediately to avoid being suspended for non-payment. In exceptional cases, instalment plans could be agreed, depending on circumstances and the College’s discretion.

5. Students who contact the Finance Department before the payment due date and have reasonable grounds for requesting more time to pay, may at the sole discretion of the College be given an extension.

6. The College reserves the right to use a debt collection agency or take other legal actions to pursue any debt outstanding and will continue to do so for as long as required.

7. If for any reason a student withdraws or is withdrawn/suspended by the College, the College will charge the fees for the time, the student was on the course. If the student is eligible for a refund or compensation, he/she needs to refer to the Refund and Compensation Policy

8. If the student or the person who pays the tuition fees on the student’s behalf, changes their mind regarding continuing their course, they should submit a written withdrawal request to the Admission Manager Mr. Jodat Sheikh within 14 days from the start of the course subject to 3 above the fees paid for the first term will be refunded to the student/sponsor/SLC in full within 10 working days from the date the written withdrawal request was received. (Ref. The Refunds and Compensation Policy.)

9. A student becomes liable for a fixed amount of tuition fees once they attend the semester:

Liability periods:

  • Term 1- 25% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.
  • Term 2- 25% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.
  • Term 3- 50% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.

Payments by a Third Party

1. Students applying to Mont Rose College the option to apply for a student loan through the Student Loan Company (SLC).

2. A student wishing to take out a loan has to provide a loan eligibility letter prior to enrolment. In some cases, if a student has not received the SLC loan eligibility letter, he/she should contact the College’s Finance Department, who will liaise with SLC and carry out an assessment to understand if the student is likely to receive the loan. Based on the assessment, the College will decide either to allow a student to start now or advise a student to wait until the next course intake starts.

3. If a student has been withdrawn/suspended, his/her loan will also be suspended. The SLC will recalculate the amount of the loan for which the student is eligible, taking into account the date of suspension/withdrawal. If there are any overpayments, the SLC will contact a student and request to arrange the repayment of debt.

4. If any re-assessment of a student loan entitlement occurs during the course and SLC will no longer pay for the student’s tuition fees or withdraw full funding, previously paid to the College, then the student in question with themselves have to ensure that his/ her tuition fees are paid.

5. Where a student is sponsored by their employer, a letter confirming the sponsorship should be provided to the College prior to the start of a course. Sponsors will be invoiced prior to the start of the course and payment must be made in full by the sponsor within 30 days from the date of invoice. Instalment plans are not offered to sponsors.

6. If a sponsor does not make a payment for a student’s tuition fee within the given period, the student will be held liable for payment personally.

7. A student becomes liable for a fixed amount of tuition fees once he/she attend the semester:

Liability periods:

  • Term 1- 25% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.
  • Term 2- 25% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.
  • Term 3- 50% of an annual tuition fee will be payable.

Sanctions for non-payment of Tuition Fees

1. A student, who does not pay the tuition fees owed to the College, or whose third party payments are overdue, will be withdrawn/suspended and the debt recovered through debt collecting agencies.

2. A student whose fees are overdue will not be eligible for re-admission to another course of study at Mont Rose College without first settling the outstanding debt.

3. The College reserves the right to pass the student’s outstanding debt to a debt collection agency and to take further legal action through the courts if required.

The College does not accept any liability (save for liability that cannot be excluded by law) for any consequential losses that actually result or may result from any breach of this policy.

Students’ Advice

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Student Loans Company;


National Union of Students;

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