Meet Our Admissions Team

Team member
Admissions Officer
“Being one of the longest serving members of the Admissions Team at Mont Rose College, I have gained invaluable experience. Having the opportunity to meet and interact with new people on a daily basis ensures that no two days are the same”

Meet some of the staff from the Admissions Team at Mont Rose College. The Admissions team is here for you at every step in your admissions journey, from the moment you start your application to the moment you step onto campus. You can contact the Admissions team on 020 8556 5009 or admissions@mrcollege.ac.uk.

Myles initially joined Mont Rose College as an Apprentice and is now a full-time member of their Admissions Team. He is frequently the first point of contact for new applicants and also offers additional help and support to current students.


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