Application for Mature Student Hardship Fund


Please return your completed form and evidence to

Opens mid-September 23 and closes mid-July 24

Before completing the form, please read the Financial Support Policy published on the MRC website.

If you require clarification or any assistance, please contact the Student Finance Department: 02085565009.

Please note:

  • Your application will not proceed until all parts of the form are complete, and all the necessary documentary evidence is received.
  • Please make sure the form is signed and dated
  • The application will be assessed within 30 working days from applying (subject to all documents submitted on time enabling assessment).
  • Your application will be considered in the strictest confidence, and you will be notified of the outcome via an e-mail or text.

General Information:

  • There is no guarantee the money in the fund will last for the whole academic year.
  • MRC Mature Student Hardship Fund may not be able to financially support every application received and may be unable to meet all of the costs you are applying for.

Standard awards

Standard awards can help to meet general costs associated with being a student such as living costs, e.g. rent, food, and utility bills as well as with course-related expenses such as travel, books and childcare

The fund is not for

  • Meeting the tuition fee costs
  • Maintaining student’s lifecycle
  • Those showing gambling/betting habits
  • Those showing excessive spending

Non-Standard awards:

  • Can help to meet exceptional one-off costs, such as repairs to essential household equipment and assistance with priority debts etc
  • Disabled Students can apply for assistance with costs not met by their DSA (Disabled Student’s Allowance).
  • Emergencies, e.g. travel costs for family illness, bereavement etc. can be considered.

Payment of awards:

The amount paid will be based on funds available and the number of qualifying applicants

Students in receipt of state benefits:

Awards may have implications for the students’ entitlement to Welfare Benefits. Students who receive help from the MRC fund can request from the College a document of award confirmation to present to their local Jobcentre Plus/Housing Benefit office if required.

How to Appeal:

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your application, there are two stages of recourse available to you – review and appeal. For more information about this, please read the relevant sections of the Financial Support Policy, available on the College website.

ESD: Date of Receipt:

MRC Mature Students Hardship Fund

  • Read the Financial Support Policy available on the College website before completing this form
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Attach copies of all relevant supporting documents / evidence (see checklist page )
  • Answer all questions, by printing clearly and by ticking the appropriate boxes
  • Your form must be signed by your Personal Tutor or other Academic in the relevant section

Mont Rose College of Management &Sciences, IG2 6NQ or call: 0208 556 5009 for assistance.