Equality Policy


Mont Rose College’s commitment to maintaining high standards in education and student support is coupled with its aim of eliminating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities.

Notwithstanding individual differences in students and their needs, Mont Rose College asserts its belief that all members of the college staff and students are to be treated equally regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, age, ability, or disability, faith, sexual orientation or any other attribute.

The working culture in the College does not tolerate any form of discrimination, victimisation or harassment.

We will:

  • Take all steps necessary to implement legislation relevant to Government equality policy.
  • Ensure that publicity materials contain a statement of our commitment to equality of opportunity.
  • Prepare, publish and update literature such as the Student Charter and Student Handbook that describe our facilities.
  • Explain service standards and set our various complaint procedures and performance indicators to monitor matters relating to equality of opportunity.
  • Write and regularly update a code of conduct describing the types of behaviour that the college considers as incompatible with Mont Rose College's ethos of promoting equal opportunities and detail disciplinary actions that can be taken against those acting in violation of the code of conduct.
  • Ensure high levels of awareness of the contents of the code of conduct and the consequences of violating it among students and members of staff.
  • Take steps regularly to monitor and evaluate and review the college policies dealing with equality of opportunity.

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