External Speaker Code of Conduct


This code of conduct exists to ensure that all speakers taking part in Mont Rose College hosted or run event, act in accordance with the MRC’s External Speaker Code of Conduct.

The College will assign a person responsible for the event, who will be ensuring that:

  • This Code of Conduct is communicated to all external speakers (once approved and confirmed via the External Speaker Booking Process)
  • That all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the requirements within it are upheld during the running of the event or activity.

Freedom of speech and academic freedom

Free speech is fundamental to the role of Mont Rose College.

As a matter of law, educational institutions in England and Wales have a statutory duty to secure freedom of speech, reflecting their mission as places where new ideas can be advanced and where open and free debate can take place. The Education Act (No 2) 1986 requires the educational institution to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that freedom of speech within the law is secured for its employees, students and visiting speakers. The Mont Rose College therefore requires all employees and students to tolerate and protect the expression of opinions within the law.

However, whilst the law promotes and protects freedom of speech, it also require to ensure the public order and safety. The College recognises that it has a legal responsibility to create a balance between minimising the possibility of extremism or unlawful conduct and ensuring that it meets its legal obligations in relation to securing freedom of speech.

Academic Freedom is to be able to teach and conduct the research in an academic environment without the influence of religion, politics or other factors. This is very important for students and staff at Mont Rose College.

Legal Context

  • Private Rights –Protection from harassment, defamation and unlawful breach of their human rights, unfair treatment.
  • Criminal Law –harassment, breach of the peace and terrorism all come under criminal law.
  • Public law – Freedom of Speech and some duties under the Equality Act.


The Mont Rose College expects external speakers to act in accordance with the law and not to breach the lawful rights of others.

Invitations to external speakers play a central role in College’s life, not least in terms of allowing students to be exposed to a range of different beliefs, to challenge other people’s views and to develop their own opinions.

During the event at which the speaker participates, no he or she shall:

  • Act in breach of the criminal law.
  • Express hatred or violence or any breach of the criminal law.
  • Promote any acts of terrorism or individuals, groups that support terrorism.
  • Discriminate against or harass any person or group on the grounds of their sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religious or other similar belief, sexual orientation or age.
  • Defame any person or organisation.
  • Raise funds for any external organisation or cause without express permission of the College

The MRC reserves the right to not permit an external speaker to speak at or attend an event, to refuse to permit an event at any time if it reasonably considers there may be a breach of the External Speaker Policy or of any legal obligation.

The External Speakers/Referrers could request the” External Speaker Form” by emailing to: welfareofficer@mrcollege.ac.uk Alternatively, the form could be downloaded from our website.

The completed form should be submitted for consideration to: ort@mrcollege.ac.uk