Carmen Susma

Name: Carmen Susma

Position: Hospitality Lecturer

Primary Department/Division: Hospitality Management

Previous Academic Position:

  • Mont Rose College of Management and Science, lecturer, Jan 2017
  • Degrees and Other Credentials

    • Bachelor Degree , New Bucks University, [(BA Honours in Hospitality Management, Level-6) with Higher Second Class (2:1) from Buckinghamshire New University. 2017 - 2018
    • Diploma in Hospitality Management at Mont Rose College of management and Science completed the course with Distinction. BITEC Level 5], [2013 – 2015 ]
    • Diploma in Education and Training (DET), level 5, [Mont Rose College], 2018- 2019
  • Teaching Responsibilities (Current Academic Year):

    • Contemporary hospitality (QFC)
    • Conference and Banquesting (QFC)
    • Menu planning (QFC)
    • Customer Service (QFC)
    • Markering in Hospitality (QFC)
    • Sales Developing (QFC)
    • Quality Management (QFC)
    • Personal and Professional Development (QFC)
    • Human Resources (QFC)
    • Contemporary Hospitality (RQF)
    • Professional Identity and Practice (RQF)
    • Managing Customer Experience (RQF)
    • Hospitality Tool Kit (RQF)
    • Managing Accommodation Services (RQF)
    • Global Event (RQF)
  • Research, Scholarly, Professional and Scientific Activity:

    • MRC Journal of Academic Reviews (JAR): Internship program in bridging the gap between knowledge and skills