Finance FAQ

  • How can I apply for a student loan application during the pandemic?

    Students can continue applying for student loan applications as normal. They can apply either online or through a paper application. If a student requires any assistance, they can contact the MRC Student Finance Team at

  • How long can Student Finance England take to process an application?

    Student Loan Company can take 6 to 8 weeks to process one application. The time period can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the application.

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic’s impact, Student Loan Company takes a longer time than usual to assess the applications. Hence, we advise students to apply well in advance and provide all required evidence to avoid any delays.

  • Is my maintenance loan & tuition fee loan payment will be affected due to the pandemic?

    The maintenance loan and the tuition loan payment will not be affected. Student Loan Company will be releasing the payments as scheduled.

  • I have applied for a student loan as a migrant worker and need to post the Student Loan Company's required documents, but I am self-isolating.

    You can upload your documents to your online Student Loan account. However, there are certain documents that you can only send via post to the Student Loan Company. We advise you to post it when you have completed your self-isolation period and notify the Student Loan Company accordingly.

  • How is Student Finance paid to me and my University/College?

    Once SFE assessed your application and you attended your first weeks’ lecture, your registration and attendance will be confirmed to SFE by your University/ College.

    Once SFE receives the college’s confirmation, they will release the 1st tuition fee to the college and maintenance loan payment to the student on the scheduled date set by them. SFE normally takes 3 to 5 working days before releasing the maintenance loan payment.

    For further guidance, how Student Loan Company is assessing applications during the pandemic, please visit the following website:

    If you are still unsure and require further assistance, please contact MRC Student Finance Officer