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Hospitality Management— Practical Skills, Strategic Mindset & Global Outlook

The term ‘hospitality’ means taking care and looking after the needs of the guests or visitors. Hospitality is not just restricted to ‘hotel’ alone, but could be anywhere to everywhere. After all, any visitor or guest to a club, institution, restaurant, office, resort, etc. requires to be attended to, and if there’s a skilled professional from the hospitality sector to greet them, then they will be assured of a pleasing experience.

Choosing the right degree course is the first crucial step to make an international career. Hospitality management entails the direct application of good management concepts and practices in all the hospitality-related businesses and areas. Graduating from a hospitality management degree can prepare you to enter and make a career in this field. Students pursuing a hospitality management degree can have a broader choice of employment opportunities. There are many leading MNCs and IT companies employing hospitality management professionals to manage guest arrivals, dining and departure, meetings, while at their premises.

After studying the Hospitality Management degree programme you will have the essential skills and expertise to start your own career in a fast- developing hospitality business. Being a hospitality graduate, you will have exceptional customer service and pinpointing skills and a detailed understanding of financial and fundamental guest services expertise.

Basically, there are two sides to the hospitality industry— the operational side, which consists of frontline jobs like: concierge, hotel manager, dieticians and nutritionists, casino/gaming manager, chef and head cook, travel agent, event planner, restaurant owner/operator, food assessor, and tour manager. Whereas the corporate side includes positions in human resources, finance, sales and marketing, information technology such as: human resources officer, customer service manager, asset manager, investment banker, digital marketing executive, personnel and training officer, sales and supply manager, public relations officer, and so on. On evaluating or simply assessing both sides, the opportunities are equally advantageous, so think about the niche that you desire in this sector and choose accordingly.

Individuals involved in the hospitality industry play a very important part in making guests’ or visitor’s experiences pleasant. They are also skilled to ensure of being welcoming and friendly to customers. So to succeed in this career field, one must use their head for business and heart for hospitality.

Benefits of Hospitality Management Courses

The Mont Rose College Hospitality Management Degree Course assimilates the practices and principles of business & hospitality management with a thorough application of the knowledge and skills of the global hospitality sector. Pursuing this course from a recognized college gives students an opportunity to relate classroom learning to the hospitality business environment.

Benefits of studying hospitality management course are countless, to name a few:

  • A career without limits
  • Explore the world
  • Be a part of an evolving industry
  • Learn vital skills
  • Join a global management network
  • It is all about diversity and opportunity
  • It is a creative industry
  • It gives you room to grow
  • Field trips to renowned companies
  • No two days are the same
  • It’s just AWESOME!!!

Graduates in this field rule their career in different sectors including:

  • Airlines, Cruises and other transportation
  • Casino Management
  • Catering and Event Entrepreneur
  • Communication and Advertising
  • Entertainment and Sports Management
  • Finance and Revenue
  • Food and Beverages industry
  • Hospitality Marketing and Media
  • Hospitality Real Estate
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Meeting and Event Management
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Restaurants and Commercial food service
  • Spa and Wellness Management
  • Travel and Tourism

Hospitality Management Courses Offered at MRC

Studying a degree in Hospitality Management is the quickest way to give your career a head start. MRC students from diverse cultures and academic backgrounds get an opportunity to study together and get ready for the leadership in the global hospitality industry— leadership that is categorized by the hard-line enthusiasm, initiative, expertise and skill to provide clients with a top-quality hospitality experience delivered through a sustainable business paradigm.

Our degree not only gives an exciting internship at top brands, but also practical learning and key industry insight.

MRC offers 2 hospitality management courses:

HND in Hospitality Management

MRC offers this course with the approval of BTEC Edexcel. Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management offers a specialist work-related programme of study, and covers key understanding, knowledge and practical skills essential in the hospitality industry. It also offers specific specialist emphasis and focuses through the choice of specialist units. During the HND in hospitality management, you will learn to deal with the issues modern hospitality industry face, preparing you to have a holistic view of business and strategies. This course is designed to meet the growing demands of the industry, means you will graduate with the vital skills needed to succeed.

International Hospitality Management

MRC offers BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University. During this course, you will achieve the skills, knowledge and experience needed to enter the hospitality industry at its peak level. You will learn how to handle practical tasks in operations, management, marketing and developing services. You will be well equipped with the tools hoard budgets and be well-informed of economic issues in the industry. You will also gain a broader understanding of provision and intercultural issues in relation to suppliers, customers and partners. You will learn about the latest topics and trends in the industry, letting you progress into a range of motivating roles. One year of full-time study will give you essential real-world work experience in the industry, working with prominent organizations across the world. As one of the best recognized courses of its type, our International Hospitality Management BA (Hons) is especially designed to maximise your employability in the industry. With its balance of vocational and academic modules, the course is perfect for kick-starting a career in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality Management Degree— The Edge You Need to Get Ahead

The focus of “hospitality” is always on the guest and the related services. Besides the classic hotel sector, this includes the hospitality sector and adjacent industries, such as casinos or airlines, amusement parks, and service providers like IT service providers or hospitality consulting. That means Hospitality Management incorporates a very wide range of field with numerous, often cross-industry prospects.

Hospitality management courses help you to develop a good understanding of the hospitality industry, nurture contemplative and professional thinking and become fully operational. Combine with a specialization in human resources, finance or extravagance business marketing and management; you can modify your education towards your preferred career choice. During the course, you will get practical application of your education and the perfect opportunity to develop your professional network.

The hospitality sector and its associated services is a big and dynamic sector with amazing growth and opportunities. The degree offers the students with all the essential knowledge, headship, analytical and communication skills and equips them to engage productively in this demanding industry of the economy. It equips the student with the essential tools to add significance to any organization working in the hospitality industry. Upon successful completion, students will be capable to understand in detail the forces and the challenges that make such a go-ahead sector and will be able to work together effectively within any organisation in the sector.

Why Study Hospitality Management Course at MRC?

Entrepreneurial mindset, innovative approach, and a global outlook— MRC is where your future starts! Mont Rose College’s key goal is to develop the best education for our national and international students by providing specialist higher education programmes categorized by flexibility and diversity.

Through an innovative curriculum that integrates management theory, business strategy, and real-world problem solving, HND in hospitality management and BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management prepares you with the skills and insights for senior managerial positions. These courses are developed in collaboration with industry experts to make sure utmost relevance in hospitality demands and trends. Our course immerses you in core topics like leadership management, business modelling and entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, sustainability and digital disruption. It will expose you to a core set of courses of fundamental business courses while giving you the freedom to customize your degree to your own goals.

Our hospitality management degree is especially designed to turn students into the creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic managers the international hospitality industry demands. It also challenges you to employ your leadership skills, theoretical knowledge, and decision-making abilities to embark upon real-world business problems.

Prepare for a great career in hospitality management at the MRC. Studying at MRC pays off:

We are international

100% English language speaking, multicultural campus, a large network of partner universities abroad and internationally relevant course contents— this is MRC.

We offer brilliant career prospects

High-merit corporate network, exclusive career services, high success rates— our graduates are well-admired by employers nationally and internationally.

We value hands-on experience

Internships, professors, and lecturers from the business world, trips to recognized corporate partners— we focus on a practical approach and work experience.

If you want to know about the hospitality management course’s tuition fee, entry requirements, and other details, visit us at our open days. Open Days give you a good sense of what it’s like to enrol for a course here and explore our historic campus. Get a real sense of what life at MRC is like. You can also contact the admissions team at or T: +44 20 8556 5009

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