Our ‘International Student Support Team’ provides information and guidance to new students settling in the UK.

We are committed to providing international students with the best UK study experience.

  • Every student becomes part of the family of Mont Rose College. Our 'International Student Support Team' provides information and guidance to new students arriving in the UK.
  • Many students coming to the UK find accommodation through friends and family. For those students who have no contacts in the UK we can recommend local companies that specialize in student accommodation. Please contact our team for details.
  • Along with its academic life, Mont Rose enjoys in-house sports events such as chess tournaments and table tennis. We have found that these events bring together students of different cultural and national backgrounds allowing them to exchange ideas and to experience our truly global community. We have found that, in socializing, students gain confidence, and this enhances their academic experience.
  • Joining our Student Union also allows your voice to be heard. We have found that many students bring ideas to us that can be shared throughout the college: for example group trips to venues and events in and around London, where to find student discounts, and feedback on courses run at Mont Rose.
  • To ensure that you settle in, our team can provide practical advice on registering with a local doctor, opening a bank account, and obtaining a student discount travel card.