Policy & Procedure for Admissions Appeals and Complaints

Integrity Policy of Management Education

It is Mont Rose College students’ responsibility to ensure all work submitted or presented to them is entirely their own. Serious violation of this rule in cheating or plagiarism may result in dismissal of the student from the college. The Director, senior tutors, and teachers are responsible for clarifying to staff and students items in the Academic Ethics Policy as outlined below.

1. Cheating

Any use of an unfair means to pass an examination or assessment, e.g. attempt to submit an assignment which is not entirely prepared by the student shall constitute cheating. Compliance with this rule requires the students to observe the following points:

  • Students must not take books, notes, or any other devices or materials into an examination without first obtaining the express approval of their tutor.
  • Once the test has begun, the student must not engage in discussion or communicate with any other students in the examination hall for the duration of the exam.
  • Papers, projects, computer programs, and other assessment materials must not be submitted if it is the work of or contains unacknowledged work of any person other than the student concerned.

2. Plagiarism

Incorporation of any text into any assessed material whether intentionally or otherwise without due acknowledgment of its author or source constitutes plagiarism.

Non-compliance with the following guidelines may constitute plagiarism:

  • All direct quotes must be acknowledged and documented appropriately, and citations must cover all works used.
  • The sources of paraphrased and summarized materials have proper citation and bibliography accordingly.
  • Students must ensure that all citations are correct and not misleading.

Other violations include

  • Unauthorized alteration of the College's Ethics and Policy Documents, unless there is express approval by the Director or relevant authorities.
  • Failure to comply with any specific regulation stated by a tutor.
  • Aiding or assisting, knowingly or intentionally, another student to violate any of the above rules.