Student Complaints Policy & Procedures

Importance of Class Representatives.

One of the college’s primary strategies is to ‘provide a holistic learning, teaching and student experience that is second to none.’ As a Class Representative, your role is important in a number of ways, including:

Support – Class Representatives provide the first point of contact for other students in their class. They help resolve basic problems, offer guidance and provide support.

Consultation – Class Representatives provide an important point of consultation when changes need to be made or are being proposed. More specifically, they work within MRC academic representation structures to provide constructive feedback about teaching quality and assessment, course content and facilities to academic staff and student representatives across MRC and related committees.

Voice – Class Representatives, are, most importantly, the ears and voices of MRC students. They provide an important link between students, academic staff and the MRC academic office.

It is expected that due to all above, honest and constructive feedback – both positive and negative shall be received. This will help the college in achieving excellence and will also help to improve the experience of current and future students at Mont Rose College.

How to be an effective Class Representative

Be visible – Make sure the students you represent know you and how to contact you. Through the duration of the course, stay in contact and consult with your class. Take few minutes either before the lecture or after the lecture to let students know who you are and when your committee meetings are coming up.

Communicate – Keep in touch with your Course Coordinator. Keep them informed about positive aspects of course delivery and assessment; and any arising issues. Make sure you give feedback about the discussions at the committee meetings to students so that they know you are working for them. Create an email group for your class to facilitate the effective communication.

Listen – Be available to listen and support students with their concerns.

Organise – Organise class functions with the support of the MRC.

Engage – Attend Staff/Student Liaison meetings and any Class Representative meetings called by MRC.

Promote – Promote your classmates’ participation in MRC wide reviews and consultations.

Benefits of being a class representative

There are many benefits of being a class representative. You will be able to develop a range of skills as well as enhance the existing ones:

Transferable Skills

There are many skills to develop like presentation skills, public speaking, negotiation, leadership skills, diplomacy, problem-solving, networking, time management, concentration skills and self-confidence are a few of them. All these skills can benefit you in your studies, personal life and future career.


Being a class representative will look very impressive on your curriculum vitae (CV). It shows that you are motivated to help improve things for others and can do multitasking.

Make a difference

Being a class representative allows you to get actively involved in the decisions made about your education. You can make a difference in the lives of your peers and future students.

Make Friends

Being a class representative provides an opportunity to approach other students and help them with their issues and difficulties. It will also help to improve your communication and people skills and at the end of the year you will feel more confident talking to people you have met before. All of the above could also result in friendships that may last forever.