Transfer Policy


At Mont Rose College we are dedicated in supporting and assisting our students in realising their full potential. We have processes in place which ensure the provision of transparent and accurate information for our students. The processes below give information on internal course transfers, institutional transfers as well as other relative information e.g. funding and student disability advice.

The purpose of this policy is to guide our students on course transfer procedures within the institution and to another provider

1. Internal course transfer procedures
The course transfer request should be submitted within 2 weeks of the commencement of the course, ensuring that the student is eligible to start another course in the same term. In this case the change will not affect the student financially

If the student decides to transfer after two weeks from the start of the course, he/she will not be able to join the new course in the same term. The student will have to wait until the start of the next term. In this case the change will affect the student financially. He/she will be liable to pay for the period studied before the transfer.

The course transfer approval is subject to the availability of any remaining spaces on the desired course.

The Admissions Manager is responsible for progressing any transfer applications made and exchanging any information with other relevant departments as required.

2. Procedures of evaluating the programme transfer requests:

Academic Registrar liaises with the Admission Manager regarding transfer applications and all relevant documentation

The Admissions Manager confirms if there are spaces available for the course in question

The Admissions Manager liaises with the Academic Manager to understand if there are any academic issues to contemplate or different entry requirements for the course that the student wants to transfer to.

The student has provided all relevant information about the course and if there are any financial implications. If the student has reported any special needs or other related requirements in the past, he/she is advised to see a Welfare Officer, who will assist the student during the transfer process and provide all required help and advice.

3. Process of Transfer from another Institution.

Students wishing to transfer from another institution will be informed if there are any spaces available.

If the spaces are available, the students will be invited to make an application.

The students will have to meet the College’s enrolment criteria and be eligible for funding or have sufficient financial resources to pay for the course in order to be offered a place (Ref. Mont Rose College Tuition Fee Policy)

The students will have to demonstrate that they hold the required education/ relevant documents, including academic transcripts from previous institutions.

If a student report special needs requirements, he/she is offered an opportunity to see the Welfare Officer, who will guide and help in the transfer process.

4. Process of Transfer to another Institution.

Students, wishing to transfer to another institution are advised to complete the course withdrawal form. The forms are available at the College’s main receptions.

Once the withdrawal form has been submitted, the student needs to get in contact with the Student Services Department to discuss the reasoning behind the request. The student is offered guidance and advice regarding transfer procedures. If the student reports any special need requirements, he/she is, offered an opportunity to see a Welfare Officer, who can provide all help and advice regarding transfer process.

The student is advised to request an academic transcript.

The Finance Department is requested to confirm if there are no outstanding balance on the student’s account and to inform Student Loan Company (if required) that the student withdrew from the course.

5. Advice for disabled students.

Any students who declare a disability or learning difficulty at the time of admission are advised to see a Welfare Officer if they face any difficulties with their course. The Welfare Officer is available to discuss any student issues and arrange extra support if needed.

The Welfare Officer will advise, guide and provide assistance if the student decides to transfer to another course or institution.