Mont Rose Angel 2021/22

MRC Angel Business Competition (2021/22)

This year’s competition will be divided into 2 stages:

1st Stage – MRC Exhibition

You will have to come in early to set up your exhibition table and presentation material. Judges will walk around and ask you set questions to do with the feasibility of your business that you will have to answer.

Judges will score your idea or business depending on your idea and how well you answered questions to do with your business.

Your idea doesn’t have to be polished as such at this stage in the competition but it’s a good idea to bring something visual so judges can get an essence of what your idea represents.

This could take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes depending on how much the judges inquire and how well you answer. Judges will come to a decision about who they wish to bring forward in the competition.

2nd Stage – MRC Angel Final Competition

After receiving adequate training and advice on these workshops, on the final competition day – 17th May 2022, you will be asked to give a business presentation in which you should take into account finances, location, marketing strategy, etc.

You will be given a 10 minute slot to present. Judges will then be able to ask or comment as they see fit.

You will again be scored against a judging criteria which will this time take into account what you might have learnt in the workshops that were offered to you.

Once every participant has had their fair share of time, judges will be able to gather to discuss their scoring. The winner of MRC Angel Competition 2021 – 2022 will be announced shortly after.

The Judges

This year’s judging panel will be made up of in-house members of MRC business department as well as external business experts and specialists.

Judgement will be based on the following criteria:

  • The viability of the business or business idea / business objectives
  • Business strategizing
  • Operational factors
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Presentation of ideas
  • The projected financials / costing and pricing

Judging will be done on a 1 – 5 scale where 1 is very poor and 5 is very good.

The above will be put forward in set questions to each contestant, as decided by judges prior to competition days.


    To enter or to find out more, please email

    We accept both individual and team applications (up to groups of four).


    • £500 cash
    • Serviced Office for 6 months based in Shakespeare House.
    • Continuous mentoring

    13th September 2021 - Call for Exhibitors
    28th October Closing date for the call for exhibitors
    TBD Workshop - How to market your business
    TBD Workshop:
    (A) Digitalisation
    (B) Business plan formulation
    TBD Workshop - Book-keeping/Accounts
    TBD Workshop:
    (A) Awareness of Business Law
    (B) Business etiquette Submission of Business plan
    17th May 2022 MRC Angel Business Competition Day
    May to September 2022 Continuous mentoring for the winner

    Angel Completion is a unique opportunity for students to change their lives for BETTER!

    The competition offers an amazing chance for the participants to meet individuals and companies from the business industry and to receive training and guidance form experts in the area of expertise they are interested in.

    The participants also will have the chance to practise their pitch and business marketing, overall behaviour and receive constructive feedback.

    Help with writing a business plan, marketing materials and the creation of a sustainable brand will be in focus as well.


    For more details, contact Areeba at:
    Tel: 0208 566 5009 (ext 1026)