MRC Angel Business Competition (2022-2023)

This year’s competition will be divided into 2 stages:

1st Stage – MRC Exhibition

On the day of the competition:
The competitors will be provided with an exhibition stall/table to put products on display. You are expected to arrive early to set up your table and ensure a smooth preparation process. In this stage, judges will ask you set questions to do with the feasibility of your business that you will have to answer.

The first stage consists of displaying your business products to the judges and the audience. You are required to bring your business prototype alongside your business leaflet or card. If the business does not sell objective goods, then you can present your business leaflet and cards, so judges can get an essence of what your idea represents.

2nd Stage – MRC Angel Final Competition

You will receive mentorships and workshops from our business lecturers, have all the financial insights, marketing strategies and logistics prepared prior to the competition.

Therefore, when the competition proceeds to the second stage, you will be assigned a 10 minutes slot to present the business plan in-depth. Your presentation will bring an outlook on your business potential, future development, learnings from the workshops you received, and sustainability to the judges and audiences.

Judges will be able to score your idea or business based on the provided information and a following Q&A session. This could take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes depending on how much the judges inquire and how well you answer.

Once every participant has had their fair share of time, judges will be led to the principal’s office to discuss their scoring together. The winner of the Angel Competition will be announced shortly after.

The Judges

This year’s judging panel will be made up of in-house members of MRC business department as well as external business experts and specialists.

Judgement will be based on the following criteria:

  • The viability of the business or business idea / business objectives
  • Business strategizing
  • Operational factors
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Presentation of ideas
  • The projected financials / costing and pricing

Judging will be done on a 1 – 5 scale where 1 is very poor and 5 is very good.

The above will be put forward in set questions to each contestant, as decided by judges prior to competition days.


    To enter or to find out more, please email

    We accept both individual and team applications (up to groups of four).


    • £500 cash
    • Serviced Office for 6 months based in Shakespeare House.
    • Continuous mentoring

    6th February 2023 Call for Exhibitors
    12th March 2023 Closing date for the call for exhibitors
    March 2023 Workshop - How to market your business
    April 2023 Workshop:
    (A) Digitalisation
    (B) Business plan formulation
    May 2023 Workshop - Book-keeping/Accounts
    May 2023 Workshop:
    (A) Awareness of Business Law
    (B) Business etiquette Submission of Business plan
    June 2023 MRC Angel Business Competition Day

    Angel Completion is a unique opportunity for students to change their lives for BETTER!

    The competition offers an amazing chance for the participants to meet individuals and companies from the business industry and to receive training and guidance from experts in the area of expertise they are interested in.

    The participants also will have the chance to practise their pitch and business marketing, overall behaviour and receive constructive feedback.

    Help with writing a business plan, marketing materials and the creation of a sustainable brand will be in focus as well.

  • Angel Competition 2023

    After the nerve – wrecking weeks of logistics preparation and mentorship workshops, finally, on 20th June 2023, Mont Rose College hosted one of its traditional business events: The MRC Angel Competition!

    This competition is about students exploring various business ideas and developing a business plan to be presented to experts from various business sector organisations. These experts become part of the panel to judge these plans from various aspects of marketing, finance, legalities etc.

    Before presenting their business plan, the students receive mentoring and guidance from the academic staff, who help them polish up those ideas to be part of the competition. As Emily Dickinson said, hope is the thing with feathers. When there is an ambition within a student, our mentors are always ready to guide and let it shine!

    The judges provide a fair, thorough and clear evaluation of the participants’ business plans.

    This year the panel was comprised of Mont Rose College CEO, Mr Bilal Sheikh, Mont Rose College Business Programme Leader, Mr Desh Sharma, Relationship Director of Barclays, Ms Lucy Eyers, Recruitment Manager of Harrison Catering, Mr Alex Taylor, and Recruitment Manager of Red Carnation Hotel Ms Szandra Stephens. As for the audience, we honourably received cheerful support from Irina Paduret, our last year’s Angel Competition winner, showing her attendance throughout the event! The students from all departments also attended the event to support their respective candidates and gain further insight into the practicalities of starting a new business.

    A top the performance of the daring, adventurous strategy of the gold business from Mr Jean Claude Lemaire (Diploma in Education and Training), the sophisticated, colourful, cultured embroideries made by Ms Marianna Aldea (HND Marketing), and the cutting–edge, creative nail salon entrepreneur Ms Nicoleta Targovet (HND Marketing), we also witnessed the precious rapport, harmonious collaboration that live within our participants throughout mutual encouragement, positive vibes and genuine congratulations to each other’s success. Hence, this year’s business competition is a bright role model for business professionals to take good reference from!

    After carefully assessing our three participants’ business development, potential and plans, the judges crowned Ms Nicoleta Targovet as this year’s Angel Competition winner, who received a cash prize and a serviced office space.

    Mont Rose College will also provide continuous mentoring and guidance in the future to assist the best out of her flourishing nail business.

    The marketing team at the college happily shouted out all three participants on social media. It will continue to feature in Mont Rose College events, especially our participants’ ongoing business progress!

    Dream big is the central theme and pursuit of Mont Rose College. We will continue to offer students the opportunity to grow into a business mindset that will surely assist them in their future endeavours.


    For more details, contact Nicole at:
    Tel: 0208 566 5009 (ext 1039)