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Are you living in Ilford and looking to upgrade your career with Excellent Education?


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If you are thinking about advancing your education and career prospects to the next level, and you are living in Ilford, there is certainly an excellent place to start.

This diverse and lively part of Redbridge, in the North-East of London, offers an extensive range of educational opportunities, irrespective of any industry you would live to thrive.

To kick-start a successful career in Business Marketing, Health and Social Care, Teacher Training, Accounting and Finance, Health Care Management and Hospitality Management, Mont Rose College is a great place to start.

Why is Ilford a Great Place to Pursue Higher Education?

Ilford is located right in between Greater London and Essex, which gives students access to both the bright lights of England’s capital and the open space, shores and serener pace of life in more rural Essex. Due to Ilford’s proximity to Central London, students living here can enjoy all the benefits of being near the heart off the capital.

Mont Rose College has a local and national reputation for excellence, thank to the exceptional quality of the teaching and support, and the resulting high levels of student ambition and accomplishments. We will help you recognize your potential, maximize your results and accomplish success during and after your studies.

College location and facilities:

Mont Rose College is located minutes away from Ilford, with frequent bus connections. With our South campus (Shakespeare House) next to Valentine’s Park, and Mont Rose House campus located closer to Gants Hill Tube Station, your commute, if you are Ilford resident, is extremely easy.

The area has ample of stores, clubs, bars and restaurants to suit students of all ages. Ilford has many open spaces and large parks including the most famous Valentine’s Park with its playgrounds, lake and well cared for flower beds, an attraction that shouldn’t be missed! During the summers, the cricket ground stages games every weekend.

If you are in the mood to work out after your classes, you can visit South Park, an award-winning green space, to shed those extra pounds! Also, there are well-maintained tennis courts, basketball courts, and a field for cricket and football.

Commuting to the College – Just Minutes Away!

From Ilford, Mont Rose College campuses is merely 5 minutes away via bus. There are many buses available between this route every 2 minutes. Please check for more information about the bus route.

Why choosing us your education institution?

Fast forward to the present, Ilford is often counted as one of the most adored tourist destinations in the eastern side of the country. Studying in Ilford is equally popular due to the exceptional quality of higher education.

Pursuing a Higher Education course is a big investment in your future, and you will want to be assured that you’re choosing the right course and the right College. With our excellent reputation in the East London area, there’s every reason to study with us.

  • We’re committed to offering you the skills you need to advance your career.
  • We have industry-standard, hi-tech facilities to ensure you have the best possible environment for practice-based learning.
  • All our academic staff members possess extensive teaching and professional experience.
  • Study with us and you will be set at the heart of the lively city of London – with all the employment and social opportunities that brings.
  • We constantly keep an eye on your performance and satisfaction to ensure that your course meets your academic as well as personal development needs, plus remains relevant to the ever-changing demands of the business world
  • We offer career advice and support throughout your time with us.
  • Our graduates enjoy employment prospects across Europe and across the world! Mont Rose College maintains sound links with the industry, thus keeping its academic staff, its courses, and its students revised in imperative scientific as well as professional developments.
  • Our graduates enjoy employment prospects across Europe and across the world! Mont Rose College maintains sound links with the industry, thus keeping its academic staff, its courses, and its students revised in imperative scientific as well as professional developments.
  • The college is conveniently located at just few minutes’ walk or 2 minutes bus ride from Ilford station, close to a blend of residential, business, and retail spaces – making sure that everything you need is close by.
  • You'll enjoy access to a fantastic range of local facilities, from restaurants to shops to street markets and live music venues!

Mont Rose College— Taking you beyond the classroom into the real-world of work!

We aim at keeping pace with the industry’s cutting-edge trends and give our students with useful practical skills that will make them ready to embark a successful career.
With our practical learning approach, innovative approaches and real-life projects, we balance theory and practice and offer our students the best opportunities to develop essential knowledge and skills.

Life at the Mont Rose College goes far beyond classrooms, exams and report writing. Student clubs and parties, societies, events and excursions are only some of the activities our students have the opportunity to experience while studying with us.

Academic life at Mont Rose College is innovative, challenging, and rewarding. Our students learn from top teachers and researchers who are driven by curiosity and creativity.

Industry experts teach courses at Mont Rose College. You’ll benefit from their experience, insight, and support as they assist in preparing you for your future career. Our courses and facilities are specially designed to help you build the skills and expertise that your prospective employer will look for, and take you beyond the classroom into the real world of work!

Pursuing a college degree is full of new challenges and opportunities and that’s why we are here to help your every step of the way with guidance and support on careers, placements, funds, health, accommodation, faith and academic support.

Come to An Open Day to Find Out More

We offer open days throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to know more about different courses, visit the campus, meet lecturers and speak to current students about their experience at Mont Rose College.

You can explore the campus facilities and ask any queries you may have about college life!