MRC Financial Hardship Funds

We understand that many students’ financial circumstances have been affected due to the pandemic. Hence, MRC Hardship Funds can help the students to ease up the financial burden.

  • How do I apply?

    The official application form can be downloaded from our website at: The completed applications must be sent together with supporting evidence to:

  • When should I apply?

    We accept applications for the fund until mid-July every year unless the fund is exhausted sooner.

  • What criteria do I need to meet for this fund?

    Applicants must be experiencing financial hardship, which affects their studies. For further guidance, please visit the MRC website and read the Financial Support Policy.

  • Can I apply more than once?

    Students can apply once a year in the academic year. However, they can appeal the decision following  the appeal processes discussed in the Financial Support Policy

  • Can this award be used for tuition fee payment?

    Unfortunately, our Hardship Funds can only be used to ease the pressure of living costs. It cannot be used to pay the tuition fee cost.

  • If I apply, will I be guaranteed an award?

    All applications are subject to assessments and the establishment of financial hardship. Please refer to the eligibility critieria listed in the Financial Support Policy

  • How much could I receive?

    Eligible applicants will receive between £100 to £2,000 pro-rata depending on their financial circumstances. Awards are split into instalments payable at the beginning of each term and upon successful completion of each term.

  • Can I appeal a decision?

    All applicants have the right first to request a reassessment of the decision and if they are not satisfied with the reassessment, they can appeal as explained in the Financial Support Policy

  • How hardship funds does affect my state funding?

    The awards from the Hardship Funds may affect your state funding. For more information, you should contact your benefits provider. If requested, the College will offer a written disregard statement, which students can provide to the benefits office.